Mission Statement

"I believe that our souls are on a journey of development through life eternal - sometimes needing guidance, which does not have to be  EXPENSIVE, TIME CONSUMING, or DIFFICULT"

About Tarot Wisdom

Tarot Wisdom, is the 'Love Child' of my life-long care and intuitive counselling to friends, family and strangers. I have always been intuitive, but sadly spent a good portion of my early life denying it due to ignorance and fear.

Today I stand tall and embrace my wonderful gift from God with all the responsibility that comes along with it, in service to you.

Since immigrating to New Zealand from South Africa in June 2000, I have studied art to Diploma level (The Learning Connexion - Wellington) , Tarot Reading to Diploma level (Fern Mercier), Astrology (I am a current member of the Astrology Foundation Inc), Numerology, Mediumship (Foundation of Spiritual Mediums NZ) and Crystal healing extensively, (Certified Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer) and realised that they are all connected to each other. My readings incorporate all of these modalities, fine tuned into tweeking your sub-conscious awareness towards the clarity that you need in understanding your underlined concerns.

Whilst living in South Africa, I studied Aromatherapy Massage and obtained a diploma in 1994. I have also studied natural herbal remedies, and have grown and used many of the herbs out of my own garden.

Today, I work out of my home, in Albany, North Shore, Auckland, and do house calls on occasions, by arrangement. I also do telephone readings, email readings and parties, such as Hen's nights, and Corporate functions, where I read Tarot cards for your guests, or do a presentation on Numerolgy or Crystal healing.

  Why come to me for a reading?

I believe we are all equal and therefore treat everyone with the utmost respect regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or any other discriminating factors. After all, we are all ONE.

I give my clients my full attention during any of my reading sessions, supporting them in assessing their situation, and empowering them to make positive life changing choices for themselves.

I can, by means of reading symbology, encourage you to examine those issues that lie beneath the surface of your consciousness, and help you, through a compassionate approach, to contemplate them in a logical way.

I have, and always will, continue to enrich the wisdom of my life's journey, through spiritual studies, allowing me to pass on my knowledge and service to my fellow life travelers.

All dealings with my clients are completely private and confidential.


Thank You!

I appreciate you taking the time to have a look at my website. If you have liked what you see and feel that you would benefit from one of my readings, please phone or email me to discuss an appointment. I would love to hear from you -

 my mobile number is  +64 021 0658534

Email - intuitivereadings@live.com


Love and Light



For Readings call:   fax :021 065 8534
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