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Astrology Readings

What are they and why have them?

People have consulted Astrologists for thousands of years. The Astrologer draws your attention to the fact that relationships between the Celestial bodies and human characteristics, run side by side.

This is known as "the Law of Correspondences", or, "As above, so below" - "as it is in the Heavens, so it is on the Earth."


Our birth was not an accident of creation, and neither are there any coincidences and chance occurances in life.

Astrology is a tool, given to us by the Divine, in order for man to see himself and the Universe in the correct perspective. It is the belief of many Astrologists, that all energy comes from one source.

How it works...

The Natal chart, is a blue print of the sky at the time that you took your very first breath on this Earth. It is a snap shot of the constellations, and the planets, which include the Sun and the Moon, and what position they were in. All this has a great bearing on our character, and future potential in this life time.

I ask you to provide me with the date, time and place of your birth, and from this information, I will draw up a Natal chart. From this chart we can look for guidance in love, relationship choices, work and career choices, direction, future options and much, much more. 

I also do Transit and Progression readings, which give you information about how you are currently being affected by the Celestial bodies in motion.

Why come to me for an Astrology reading?

When you're looking for an Astrology reading, I am here to gently guide you, clearly pointing out meanings and correlations, from the position of your stars, empowering you to make the changes, or embrace the advice that you need, to be the best that you can be.

I take my years of learning and experience, and relate it to you on your own comfortable level, so that together, we can discuss your life options and opportunities.

Many clients have had life changing "Aha" moments, once they have had their first peek into thier Natal Chart. You will continue your life with expanded and  renewed consciousness.

I am a current member of the Astrology Foundation Inc. and attend regular courses with them to increase my knowledge, so that I am better equiped to help you.

Astrology_glifs.jpgDo you need an Astrology reading? Talk to me now!

If you're interested in an Astrology reading I would love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply call or email me on -

+64 0210658534


For Readings call:   fax :021 065 8534
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