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A new road

March 16, 2015 at 7:18 AM

Good morning Friends Undecided

Today is a somewhat bleak start to the week, with rain pouring down through howling winds - but then I remembered how the rain is nourishing the dry earth and feeding the cattle and sheep, and that made me feel happy Kiss
A neat little message came through in the cards for us as well.
It's all about standing up for yourself, (King of Swords on the left) thinking deeply about where you are going, (4 of cups in the middle) and then leaving behind that which is no longer helpful to your growth (8 of cups on the right)
This week you will need to use your logic and cut through any BS that has been threatening to dull your existence.

 CAM02799.jpgThe King of Swords has come through reminding you to get to grips with your situation. This is your chance to show how capable you are by drawing on your high standards and not accepting less than you deserve. Assert yourself Darling!
The trick here is, not to feel hurt and defensive, but to quietly contemplate your next move with positive mental clarity. (4 of Cups) Don't dull your senses to what is on offer to you, just because one door closes, i
CAM02800.jpgt does not mean that you are stuck in the hall way - Indeed not, there are many other avenues of opportunity presenting themselves to you this week

If things are not working the way they should, it might be time to open one of the other doors and have a little sneak peek inside (8 of Cups)


 Leaving behind a difficult situation can be very hard, but remember, life is a journey of self discovery, and exploring of different life styles, until you find the right fit.

Wearing an uncomfortable garment for the sake of fashion is never pleasant, and not good for your self esteem.
So embrace the truth today, let it settle, and then move in a direction that promises growth Smile

Love and Light to you as you cut through the smog to see a new road on the horizon Kiss

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