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A peek at the first week of May 2017

April 30, 2017 at 4:07 PM


Dear Ram, your whole week is underlined by an air of compassion and devotion to service. There is a general independence of mind with Mercury conjunction Uranus which will afford you an intuitive connection to the collective unconscious in a way that helps you to realise that your reformatory ideas are truly valuable to those that need your guidance. Monday kicks off with Venus sextile to the asteroid Ceres that strengthens your bond to those that you care about. You may feel like you want to cook for your family, or attend to a friend in need by nurturing and helping them to regain their structures. This is further strengthened by the Moon conjunction to Vesta on Tuesday, which points your emotional awareness towards devotion and service. Direct guidance arrives by Thursday, when the Sun sextiles Neptune, but be aware of seductive influences during this time while you are in dream mode, because there are always those that will try to take advantage of your sensitive and caring nature.


Dear Bull, there are many very sensitive and magical energies surrounding you this week and it all starts with your desire to work through and attend to your own needs. With Venus in your psychological sector, sextiling Ceres, you will be surveying the parts of yourself that need your nurturing and love. Be kind to yourself this week, as it will open up areas where you can be of assistance to others, and this will boost your self confidence and sense of compassion. By Tuesday you may have come to a good understanding of what your inner child needs to learn from the adult expression of yourself. Work through these themes with love and understanding so that you can move on more positively through the month of May. Mercury stations direct on Thursday, just after the Sun goes into a favourable angle with Neptune, which helps you to start getting your plans working for you again, as your daily rhythms fall back into structured momentum.


Dear Twin, the overall flavour of your week is coloured by compassion and devotion. Monday starts off with a beautiful Venus, Ceres sextile that draws attention to the areas within your friendships that need nurturing. Perhaps you could organise a dinner out for some friends, or cook for group that you belong to. Sharing and caring are high on the list of events at this time. On Tuesday when the Moon conjuncts Vesta in your value sector you will be looking at ways of exerting your independence with regards to earn money. How can you forge ahead with a new idea that will boost both your earnings and your confidence in yourself? The ruler of your sign, Mercury, stations direct on Thursday, giving you a clear picture of the friends that really matter to you. You have had three weeks while Mercury was retrograde to separate the wheat from the chaff and now it is time to celebrate and reward the ones that you have chosen to continue you journey with.


Dear Crab, aren’t you the little mother hen of the office right now! Monday starts off with a Venus, Ceres Sextile which sees you caring and nurturing those that you work with. They are probably at your desk right now seeking love and compassion from you because they sense the depth of your sympathy and kindness. This theme strengthens and continues throughout your week as the Moon conjuncts Vesta in your family sector giving you the opportunity to serve your loved ones with just as much devotion. The Saturn Chiron square makes you aware of the inner child needs, versus the needs of the real world. You may learn quite a bit about yourself through your outreach, as you put any selfishness aside and focus on what you can give rather than receive. Good on your Crab! Mercury goes direct in your career zone this week too, which will bring you professional clarity and clear up any confusion that you might have been wrangling with over the last three weeks.


Dear Lion, you have the desire to escape into the great outdoors and feel the breeze on your face. The Venus Ceres sextile that occurs on Monday may well afford you the opportunity for some excursion in nature. Walk along the beach, stand in the forest and listen to the whispering of the leaves or simply do some gardening. Any of these sorts of events will stimulate the earth connection in your soul. Who knows what might happen when Mercury stations direct in this part of your zodiac on Thursday, there may be some long desired plans finally getting laid out for travel. Bring it on! You have had an uncertainty of the big picture whilst Mercury has been retrograding this house, but now you have your focus back you can return to your former path of truth seeking with a much clearer awareness of what is real versus the imaginary world. What you are putting together now will have a positive impact on your philosophies and the way that other people are viewing your efforts.


Dear Maiden, at the moment there is a lot of focus for you on investment nurturing, and dealing with other people’s money that you may be entrusted with. The week begins with a Venus Ceres sextile in the parts of your zodiac that deal with shared resources and your career sector. How can you enhance and nurture any financial areas that have potential for growth? Maybe you can clear some debt or adjust any loans to minimise interest rates? You also have the opportunity to devote yourself in service to a friend or community group that you are part of as you will be inspired by the Moon and Vesta in your friendship arena on Tuesday, gifting you with an open heart and a compassionate spirit of kinship. Mercury comes to the fore on Thursday as he stations direct in your resource centre, building on the work that Venus and Ceres started on Monday, to give you clarity concerning your financial needs. You could find that you have what you need at your disposal, it may just need a little adjustment


Dear Scale Bearer, you have a sincerity and deep desire to nurture the partnerships in your realm at the moment, and the Venus Ceres sextile on Monday kicks off your week with opportunity to do just that. There are some strong bonds of love that have been growing in this area and you are now able to put them into the real world by showing your devotion to those that you might be in personal or professional partnership with. Cook a good meal or take that special person out to dinner to show your appreciation. As Mercury is going to station direct in the same area of your zodiac on Thursday you will realise that you and your partners are going in the same direction and it was wise to have smoothed out any differences that there might have been while Mercury was retrograde. The Sun is picking up a favourable angle to Neptune on the same day which gifts you the ability to exercise inspirational dreaming. Use this ability to express yourself creatively, as you are very artistically gifted today.


Dear Scorpion, there is a Venus Ceres connection in your zodiac that fills you with support for those that you work with this week. You may find that your colleagues call upon you in a personal way to assist them, perhaps someone in the office is struggling to fit in, and needs your support. How can you nurture and provide care for those in your work environment? There is also a Saturn Chiron square taking place that will give you the chance to heal yourself by putting any inflictions aside in favour of serving others. The way I see it, it’s a winning situation! Mercury stations direct in the same zone on Thursday, setting straight any mixed messages that might have occurred in the work place recently and putting everyone back onto the same page at last, which also brings that healthy glow back into your cheeks. This gives you wind in your sails and when the Sun sextiles Neptune later this week I bet you might be looking at travel brochures again!


Dear Centaur, you have a beautiful Venus sextile to Ceres taking place over your entertainment and partnerships zone, which is urging you to express your love for those professional partnerships that you may be involved in, by means of loving kindness. Perhaps you might be organising a get together over lunch so that you can enrich your bonds through the breaking of bread? Whatever the circumstances might be you will be in the right place to facilitate growth in this area through your desire to keep the bonds of love and support secure. This gesture could turn into real financial opportunity for you after Thursday, when Mercury turns direct in the same zone and clarifies your intentions. At the same time the Sun picks up a favourable aspect to Neptune and brings about an active inner world of psychic vision for you, that builds on the dreams to solidify your routine work environment. Use this wonderful week to connect to the collective consciousness and tap into the deep intuitive messages that are there for your use.


Dear Goat, this is a deeply devotional and sensitive time for you with Venus sextile to Ceres in your home zone and the Moon conjunct Vesta in your partnership arena. The strong bonds of love that you feel for the people in your immediate world will come to the fore and urge you to share the compassion and support that is brimming out of you at the moment. There will be lots of food and cooking and sharing taking place this week and who so ever needs any kind of nurturing, will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. You are the quintessential Earth goddess and your open heart will overflow with the love that you feel for your kin. You may also wish to express yourself through art, and on Thursday the Sun makes the perfect angle to Neptune to afford you this opportunity. Get out the canvas and brushes, or the camera and lose yourself to inspiration and artistic vision for the day. I really can’t think of anything better to fill your emotions with positivity. Lucky you!


Dear Water Bearer, you are filled with the power of beautiful communication this week as Venus picks up an opportunistic angle to Ceres in your intellectual zone, and the Moon conjuncts Vesta in your work arena. Your words seems to glide off your tongue and carry deep healing and reconciliatory love to all that are fortunate enough to hear you. Your deep desire to nurture those in your immediate environment directs your emotional focus towards your work mates and you therefore may find yourself being called upon as a support person to someone who has lost their way. This outreach seems to give you clarity within your own work circumstances and when Mercury stations direct on Thursday, you will feel like you have a bit more confidence and sense of purpose in your own life regarding your direction. Time to forge ahead once more now that the impediments have been moved out of your way in this area!


Dear Fish, your emotional focus is on devotion and service to your own deep needs this week as Venus picks up an opportunistic angle with Ceres in your confidence zone and Saturn calls on you to find the contrast between your inner child and the restrictions of life in the real world. How can you bring reality into focus to clarify the truth behind any healing that you might need to undertake? What are the themes of escapism that you have been falling into lately? If there have been any illusions with regards to your earning capacity, Mercury going direct in this sector of your zodiac on Thursday is about to put you back on track for a much smoother earning experience. Tighten things up and start to disseminate the ideas that you have been toying with in this department. The Sun and Neptune bring you positive dreaming ability on Thursday which will help you to tap into the collective consciousness and take whatever messages you need to secure a better financial status. 

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