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February 02, 2016 at 9:02 AM

Hello Friends - Welcome to the energies of February Kiss I thought I might talk about a card today that is given quite a broad birth by most because it brings up a subject that we often shun and circumnavigate as best as possible. The 7 of Swords!

I've added pictures from a multitude of tarot decks to give you a good idea of the archetypal depiction.

Deception Dishonesty Secrets

7 of Swords
In most of the illustrations, someone is seen hooded, and sneaking away in the shadows, beyond the visibility of the general public.
What is he up to? Where is he going? He certainly does not want to share his swords (thoughts) with anyone around him, but wishes rather to keep them a secret, and avoid the responsibility that

7 of Swords

 might come about lest he admit the truth to himself. He cannot come to terms with his own reality, let alone trust that a friend might.
It is so much more difficult in the end when we take the 'lone wolf' approach, because slowly but surely we start to isolate ourselves, and sometimes even resort to lies, in order to cover up our secrets. Layer after layer of heavy energy is added to our subtle body, that weights us down tremendously, and after a lengthy spell, eats away at our joy like a cancer.
It is said that a problem shared is a problem halved. If you are afraid to disclose sensitive information to anyone that you know, share it with a total stranger. Someone you will never see again, or a therapist that will keep your secret confidential.
You might think that your secret is the worst one in creation but remember that we all have our skeletons in one form or another.
So I send you Love and Light today as you face yourself in the mirror and resolve to release any deception in your life Cool
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