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Easter Reading

April 16, 2017 at 9:29 AM

Happy Easter Dear Friends Kiss – Just a reminder that I am open for telephone consultation on Easter Monday, so private message me if you would like to do a reading. 
I thought I would do a card reading today because it has been so long since I last did one for you. I have been working like a Trojan lately and sadly, this has had an impact on the posts that I have been putting out. I asked Spirit this morning to give me any important advice for those of us who may be struggling with the planetary energies right now.

Tarot Reader Auckland

There are quite a few planets in retrograde, and Pluto, is about to join the list on Sunday the 22nd. What sort of effect would this be having on the collective consciousness? The first card from the left is Coming Apart, and I think many of us are experiencing a feeling of being somehow disengaged from reality on one level or another. Perhaps the Saturn retrograde would be the main trigger here because while Saturn is in this seemingly backwards motion, we get to review the themes of the Saturn in Sagittarius time period, and what this might have highlighted for us. Generally, Saturn in Sagittarius is an energy that brings to the fore messages of our belief systems. What is real, what is fantasy, how have our beliefs changed through life’s journey? Many of us have had to deal with cracks in our deepest philosophies, and now that Saturn is taking us through the review process we are summing up what we need to drop and what we need to finally take forward with us on our spiritual path. It is a very painful process for most, and that is why the card Falling Apart has come up.


Tarot Reader Auckland

This is a perfect time to reassess our goals, no matter how sore this might be. The second card is Solitude. In order to deeply understand what has been a sham and where we currently stand within our own belief paradigm, it is imperative to take a step backwards into solitude. There is no way that we can do this inner work with the world howling around us. Step back into deep spiritual silence and listen. . . .Wait . . . . . Think . . . . . Ask. . . .Cry if you have to . . . . Question – and Purge. Empty your mind of superfluous thoughts. This is a time of conscious retreat so that you can allow the truth to flow through your whole being.

Tarot Reader Auckland The third card urges us to Clean House. Declutter, break it down to basics, release what you no longer want and need in the physical world, and the psychological world will follow suit. Look at what you have resisted letting go of, and be brutally honest with yourself about its value.


This is the first process to Healing the Ouch. Feel the soothing effects of this action on your heart, body, mind and soul. When you have got to this place, you are ready to start Making a Choice.


You are required to come to a decision now, you have faced your dilemma, your fork in the road, and now you need to put one foot in front of the other to either the left or the right – the choice is yours, but the action is imminent. Trust your intuition on this one, ask for a sign if you need one, but start to move forward with peace and trust. 

I hope that this reading today may reach you on your personal level of need or confusion, and serve to offer you a little bit of courage and hope in understanding your path forward. 
Namaste Friends ~ so much love 
Megan xxx Cool

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