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Fashion Astrology

March 09, 2017 at 2:57 PM


During February you had a bold flush of fashion confidence that left your audience gasping. Since last weekend however, your tastes have become more subdued, possibly even a bit shy. We can blame it on Venus, the planet of beauty, who’s retrograde through Aries is moderating your courage. You can definitely still rock a primary colour pallet, but you may be more inclined to softer fabric, and the power-romance look of the 80’s.



The calm before the storm might be an appropriate adage for this week’s look, as you descend ever deeper into the ethereal when it comes to your dress sense.  Since Venus started to retrograde at the end of last week, you have longed for the simple and other worldly. Peacock colours, tie-dye and simple yoga clothing styles all appeal to you right now. But don’t get to comfortable, as this won’t last for long.



What’s this I hear, surely you are not experiencing social anxiety? Perhaps it’s just a welcome break from the incessant group activities that have been appealing to you lately. You have your eye on more reserved attire this week in line with the desires of Venus, as she slowly retreats from the lime light. Less sassy, and more refined fashion will reflect your contemplative mind as you assess the connections that you have made in February.



Even though Venus is steadily withdrawing from your career zone, the Sun pays her a visit on Tuesday and reignites your desire to dress for success. Make the best use of this time, and project your ambition through your wardrobe, as your clothes announce: “watch this space I am on my way up”! Shades of charcoal, violet and grey, in no nonsense straight line cuts, will do the trick for you this week.



A taste for all things exotic has been your fashion statement throughout the month of February. With Venus exiting your house of adventure now, your fashion expression may tame somewhat over the next week, as you seek a less flamboyant representation of your style. In saying that, you can still get away with some ethnic prints and wide brimmed hats. Enjoy them while you can, because in the next few weeks, things are about to get provocative.



Just when you thought you would shock the world beyond recovery, the pressure for you to dress outrageously is starting to lift. You needn’t despair though you still have somewhat of a flair for risk taking, but with Venus in retrograde it’s just not that obvious. Perhaps this week you should wear some really saucy underwear concealed beneath something bourgeois, just because you can. All things red and black will give you a noticeable edge.



There is only so much that can be said for people pleasing, and your dues are nearly done in this department. This week you are of a mind to please yourself, and that is exactly what you should do. Find those ‘old faithful’s that are hiding in your clothing cupboard. Haul them out and wear them with pride. Anything that is familiar and comfy will suit you well right now as you seek as little fuss as possible.



A crisp and clean dress code will help you to get through the next few weeks while Venus makes her way out of your house of service. You are in the mood to ‘clean things up’, and nothing speaks more clearly on this subject than an A line skirt, court heels and a delicately buttoned shirt. Practical, clean and crisp is your motto. Sort out your business, because soon drama returns to the wardrobe.



This week you have Venus’s full permission to reflect on the extroverted styles that you have been swaggering. Even though she is dancing out of your house of pleasures, she still has some duties here. What has worked for you over the last month, and how can you continually use it to win? Bold artistic expressions are still so you right now. Burnt orange, bright Sunflower prints, and sumptuous regal fabrics. Go forth and charm!



Timid and contemplative is your fashion mode for this week while Venus begins her retrograde out of your family sector. Conservative and comfy garments are still your go to, but this week it might benefit you to carry something deeply sentimental with you on your person. Perhaps you could wear a piece of jewellery that a treasured friend or relative once gave you? Gentle colours and soft fabrics will help to keep your sensitive emotions in balance.



Winds of change rustle through your friendship house as Venus begins her nostalgic decent. Don’t despair there is still time for a fun, and on Tuesday when the Sun rules supreme you will receive another boost of sociability that puts you in the mood for fashion fun. Mix things up and reach for something unconventional like a mod hat or some funky glasses. A cartoon T-shirt under a one button jacket will give you an edge of difference. 



First it was your birthday and now Venus is heading home to your personal sector, what a month! You have full permission to shop till you drop for all things sensuous and divine. Spoil yourself with a truly delightful outfit that will become a classic wardrobe item for years to come. Choose sensuous silk in soft earthy tones like sisal, stone or antique rose. While you are about it, a new bag and shoes might be on the list too.

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