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Going within

September 24, 2016 at 9:07 PM

Dear Tarot Buddies,

it occurred to me yesterday whilst speaking to dear friend, who is also a light-worker and colleague of mine, that I have not put a Tarot card spread on my blog for ages. She told me that she missed seeing the beautiful images on Face Book, and reading the archetypal reasoning that accompanied them, and I too confided that I had been feeling rather nostalgic concerning my card posts, and indeed missed doing them. I can only confess that the reason for my tardiness has been pure focus on my clients in the last six months – as they say, there is a season for all things, and this has certainly been ‘the season of the client’, for whom I have studied, meditated, and deeply connected so as to bring forth the deepest arcane experience that Spirit would have them awakened by at this time.

In saying this I decided to draw some cards that may reflect my time of ‘semi seclusion’, and suss out what has transpired on a spiritual level, during my faithful wondering, down this path that seems to have preternaturally unfolded before me.

The cards that came up for me were, I believe, speaking on two levels – namely: by confirming and clarifying the Spiritual journey that I have undertaken recently, and secondly by urging each of you to raise your banner and commence your own quest of enquiry into the arcane that is associated with, and attained by self-understanding.

I have used the hand book of the Gnostic Tarot, by Lee Irwin as the guide to these cards, and added in what they have meant to me during this interval.

The first card from the spread that I laid out on my black fluffy throw (and all my clients will know this fluffy black throw, from their own Tarot spread photo’s that I have emailed them) was the King of Cups –

Gnostic Tarot describes this card in the following way:Megan white Tarot Reader

“This King is a mystic seer, deeply knowledgeable about arcane and occult sciences, esoteric systems and rights of transformation. He is calm, relaxed and patient, friendly but not artificially so, and demonstrates a genuine interest in the development and education of others”. The description continues to explain that, because this King of Cups (mature emotional energy) has to keep himself stable and focused, he cannot afford to come over too gregariously, and may often find himself in quiet contemplation of the task at hand. This meditative condition often times brings him into a mild withdrawal, where he could even be perceived as being aloof, but in fact what he is doing, is striving to attain inner mastery over his mental and emotional states, in order to create space within his own psyche for more effective service.

WOW!! It suddenly became crystal clear to me what has been happening here. I have had a purification process at work, and it has possibly required retreat on certain levels – Face Book being one of them.

The next card out of the spread is the Knight of Pentacles – Let’s see what Gnostic Tarot’s description is:

Megan white Tarot Reader

“Following conventional standards and believing them to be adequate for the accomplishment of tasks; valuing earthy, pragmatic means and a dependence on traditional wisdom. The passionate nature retrained and channelled; down to Earth values and thinking; courage in the face of physical hardship or danger; enduring strength and a sense of groundedness that may lack creative expression”.

Oh boy, YES, I can definitely relate lacking creativity at the moment. I have barely been capable of lifting a paint brush lately, (one of my creative pass-times) let alone attempting more intricate forms of artistic expression, that may put me at risk of losing the pragmatic focus that this pilgrimage has aroused in me.

So what to do? How to progress? Perhaps I need to go back to the drawing board, and schedule in some space for creativity? I would say so, as I know that I am a creative being and I need – as we all do, a platform on which to shine. Even during periods of quiet introspection.

The third card came fluttering into my hand as by some magic projection, and as I turned it over I was face to face with the wise Hermit. Is this me at the moment, I asked myself? What attributes of this sagely figure have I been demonstrating?

Megan white Tarot Reader

My trusty Gnostic guide book says the follow about the Hermit:

“The Hermit is an image of the inward-looking, the analytic and yet detached view of our own individual and internal Universe”. The guide continues to ask, “How are we to know ourselves without honesty and acceptance of our own weaknesses, strengths, and potentials? There is no possibility of growth in denying imperfection or refusing to accept real limitation or buried dreams that drive us, all unknowing, to our own destruction or against the grain of our better understanding”.

So as I understand things, the Hermit is the guy who delves profoundly within the unfathomability of his own nature, so that he has no misconceptions when it comes to himself, and therefore anybody else that he may come into contact with. In other words – The Sage; The one who has come to understand humanity, and life’s natural cycles.  I see now how absolutely necessary it has been for me to undertake a period of self-reflection and realisation. This leads to acceptance and inner-confidence.

As an added bonus, The Star showed up – reaffirming the counsel and care that I have been receiving from Spirit during my incubation. I have not been alone, and that is what sustains us in our times of inner-reflection or healing. The promise of direction, as shown by the guiding light in the sky, the hope, the faith and the connection to a higher power.

Megan white Tarot Reader

There is however always some work to be done and one can’t sit back on their laurels imagining that guidance is all that is needed – we are always required in some way or another to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and the 8 of Pentacles has come forward to remind me that there is constant maintenance required in order to remain on track. Working with a sense of pride.

The Gnostic guide book tells us that, “It is a time of crafting, of making and engendering, of honing abilities. A sense of contentment and satisfaction gained through discipline and focused attention”. There you have it – in a nut shell!

The greatest gift in all this is the peace that comes from serving your inner calling - The 4 of Swords. Rest for the mind. Confidence to let go and be at easy with yourself. I heard a sermon preached once as a child, where the pastor told a story of a farmer who could sleep through a howling storm. At first I struggled to understand how a farmer of all people, with so much at stake, could sleep through a storm, and then it suddenly occurred to me that if everything is secure, you have nothing to fear. Once you have examined the truth about yourself you are able to seek the renewal and inner rest that is so needed to remain on the path of transformation.  

Megan white Tarot ReaderMegan white Tarot Reader

What a revelation this reading has been for me, and I believe it to be meaningful to all of us, on whatever level it may speak to us on. There are times when we just need to narrow our focus down into that which is most pertinent in order to cope with what is ahead. Especially if we are being urged to by Spirit, for in these times we grow and develop.

Much love and light to you dear Friend. I hope you may contemplate this Tarot reading, and use what resonates with you to expand areas of your own life.   Kiss


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