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Horoscopes for the week of 29 May 2017

May 28, 2017 at 12:18 PM



Dear Ram, your week begins with a beautiful Mercury sextile to Neptune in your money sector. Your imagination is tweaked which allows you to dream, and with dreams come ideas, these may take off quite nicely on Thursday when Mercury trines Pluto and gets you to focus on reinventing the way you earn money. At the same time, Mars is opposite Saturn in your communication zone, making sure that your communications are solid and structured. If you are communicating or thinking about earning money, your plans will be solid and feasible. Perhaps you are applying for a new job, or making plans to change something in your existing position? You have Saturn’s blessing. Venus is also offering you a leg up because she trines Saturn on Friday, and brings stabilisation or commitment to a relationship. This may well be in the business sector, but could also be personal. By Sunday you will feel like it is time to take a well earned break when the Sun conjuncts Ceres in your house of siblings. How about cooking a special meal for a brother or sister, or being available to support them.


Dear Bull, your head is in the clouds on Monday when Mercury connects to Neptune in an opportunistic way. You might be fantasising about how to change your appearance in some way, and by Thursday Pluto will come along and give you the guts to do it. If transformation is what you want, transformation is what you will get, and Pluto won’t let go until it is underway. Mars is in your money sector at the same time, getting the best out of Saturn by way of patience, hard work and high standards. By Wednesday when Mars and Uranus connect you will be so excited about your progress that you will want to express yourself energetically. Perhaps a good run or work out in your favourite class will help to alleviate all that excess energy. Venus and Saturn form a trine on Friday, which plays out in your psychological zone, bringing stability and an opportunity to commit to a new way of understanding your own story. This is a lovely fortifying energy that will bring you confidence, and a commitment to something that you have been running away from.



Dear Twin, you have the high standards of a winner this week while Mars is opposite Saturn in your self image sector. Patience comes easily to you now, so take advantage of this gift while you can. By Wednesday you may feel like making some creative personal changes. Have a funky haircut, or buy new makeup and apply it in a fresh and exciting way. You will be surprised by the results. While this is all going on, Mercury is connecting to Neptune in your psychological zone and asking you to dream big. During the Mercury Pluto trine on Thursday your mind will be deep reaching and insistent, and it could be a good day for getting to grips with the truth about a buried secret. Venus is in your friendship zone at the moment and picking up a stabilizing trine from Saturn. This helps to bring stability into a friendship and could also see you connecting to an older person who could give you some solid advice that will stand you in good stead in the future.


Dear Crab, with Mercury in your friendship zone, and going into a creative sextile with Neptune, your week starts off on a dreamy relaxed note. It’s a good time to catch a movie with a group of friends, especially if it is in the fantasy genre. By Thursday Mercury has moved on and connects favourably with Pluto in the same sector, which gives you the tenacity to get to the bottom of any issues that may have developed within a friendship recently. You won’t rest until you have cleaned things up and facilitated a platform of healing and rejuvenation. Mars will help you to feel psychologically strong, and Saturn will gift you with restraint and focus. Excellent timing Saturn! Things are looking great on the work front for you this week too, as good old Saturn endows Venus with career stability, and brings opportunity for advancement or recognition. By Sunday you are well and truly ready to zone out, so take the day off and chillax while the Sun is conjunct Ceres, the nurturer and nourisher.


Dear Lion, your perception in the work place is switched on this week as Mercury forms an innovative angle with Neptune within your career zone. By Thursday you could start to take your ideas one step further when Pluto arrives and gifts you deeply focused problem solving abilities. You will have the perseverance to work through a challenge until you are able to transform it into a triumph. Well done! At the same time, Mars who is in an area where you formulate your goals, is connecting with Saturn and affording you the ability for a realistic look at your future. What are your capabilities and how can you work with them to set achievable objectives? By the weekend all this thinking has become somewhat boring, and luckily Venus and Uranus give you a taste for the Avant garde. This may see you heading off to watch a foreign movie or to a restaurant that specialises in exotic cuisine. Whatever unique experience comes your way you can be sure it will be of a nature that expands your mind.


Dear Maiden, dreams are free and this week starts with a very imaginative sextile between Mercury and Neptune in your house of travel. You could be considering a trip away, or entering into a form of education that will broaden your horizons and get your soul singing again. No matter which one of your expanded interests are tweaked, Pluto will make sure that by Thursday you have honed in on your plans with a force to be reckoned with. Around the same time there are developments in your professional sector, as you patiently succeed at every challenge that comes your way. Your colleagues and superiors have taken note of your dedication, so continue the way you have started and you should be earning the increase to pay for your new adventure. It seems like you have the planets on your side this week Virgo, because Saturn trines Venus giving you the desire to take responsibility for your shared resources. This is a good time to get any joint finances back into shape. Pay off that credit card to make space for the funding of your new adventure. Yes!


Dear Scale Bearer, your mind is on money as the week opens with an imaginative angle between Mercury and Neptune in your shared resources zone. What starts off with day dreaming, turns into an intense exercise in problem solving by Thursday when Mercury picks up an advantageous angle to Pluto and gets you sitting down to do some planning and a huge financial clean up with a partner. This could be a love partner or a business partner, anyone that you have shared resources with.  Perhaps this clean up is because you have a commitment to uphold, or a new promise to make to each other? When Venus goes into her beneficial trine with Saturn on Friday in the partnership sector of your zodiac, all will be revealed. Any advice or support that you can get from an older or wiser person will be welcomed right now. By Sunday you will have had enough of the serious side of life and with the Sun conjunct Ceres in your expanded awareness arena, you could have a wonderfully lazy day of reading. Especially if it concerns travel or foreign cultures.   


Dear Scorpion, what a sweetheart you are this week, with Mercury getting oodles of imaginative and tender vibes from Neptune in your partnership zone. Because you are so tuned in, and sensitive to your lover’s thoughts and feelings, the communication between the two of you will be free flowing. This sets the ground work for later in the week when Mercury picks up a beneficial trine to Pluto and allows you to delve into any areas that you may have been avoiding. Dive in there, talk it out and clean it up. This brings growth and transformation to your love life. Mars is also lending a helping hand when it comes to your joint finances, as he teams up with Saturn, and affords you successful action and self control in this arena. It is time to get together and plan for the future, or decide what to pay off so that you have more income at your disposal. Take a break from it all on Sunday and seek out a fabulous restaurant that serves fusion food. Venus conjunct Uranus in your house of health demands it!


Dear Centaur, Mercury and Neptune are giving you a big download of ideas about your health and diet at the start of this week. You may be dreaming about how great you are going to look once you have lost those extra pounds, or how fab you are going to feel when you finally start that yoga class. Whatever your ideas might be on this topic, by Thursday when Pluto steps in and gives Mercury the intensity that is needed, you are going to be steaming ahead with your plans. By the time the weekend comes along, and Venus has snuggled up really closely to Uranus in your house of fun, you will be longing for change on a romantic or social level. Your mood is contagious as you flirt playfully and humorously express yourself in your social circles. Perhaps there is a surprise social event that will come along at the right time to excite your senses, and remind you of how glad you are that you started that new health routine at the beginning of the week!


Dear Goat, your perfectionism and high standards are really put to the test this week while Mars is opposite Saturn in your house of health and service. You are probably reading this with a duster in one hand and bottle of detergent in the other! Don’t take life too seriously though, because when Uranus steps into the picture on Wednesday, you could start to get impatient with your progress, and feel like your nerves have gone into overdrive. Just relax, it will all still be there tomorrow, and long after. Venus and Saturn in favourable aspect to each other in your home zone will bring things back into focus for you by the beginning of the weekend, as you renew ties with family and take responsibility for your commitments within this sector. Perhaps you could make a beautiful meal and invite your nearest and dearest around to enjoy it with you? Sunday is the perfect day to do this when the Sun and nurturing Ceres are connected in your house of health.


Dear Water Bearer, with Mercury in your house of family you will be thinking about the people that you love and sensing their emotional state. The trine that Mercury engages in with Pluto on Thursday will help you to get to the nitty gritty of any conversations with your family that are long overdue. This is a very healing energy and will bring about change and transformation within this relationship. With Mars in a section of your zodiac where you already express yourself actively, you may feel like kicking up your heals a bit and enjoying some entertainment. Giving yourself the time to watch your favourite sports game will accommodate your wellbeing, and perhaps get you out there on the field to experience the exhilaration first hand. By the weekend you will have the opportunity to nurture a sibling. Cook a great meal for them or meet up for dinner at a restaurant. A day of pleasant experiences is your reward by Sunday when the Sun conjuncts Ceres in your creativity zone, and evokes your inner artist. 


Dear Fish, with Mercury in your communication zone you’ll be like a transmission beacon this week, and could feel rather bombarded by the media or even by your own thoughts. At the least, it should be a chatty, communicative time of enthusiasm and bright ideas. Sounds like fun, but when Pluto comes into the picture on Thursday, be mindful not to enforce your bright ideas on innocent victims! With Mars quite active in your home zone, those victims may well be your family. You have got a real boon from Venus this week when she forms a beneficial angle to steadfast Saturn and advances you in the money making area of your zodiac. This connection brings stability in relationships and Venus in this place is favourable to ones earning capacity. All these aspects spell good luck in your ability to make a living! By the end of the week you are ready to kick back and relax a bit and what better way than when the Sun and Ceres are together in your home zone. Gardening, cooking, making jams or chutney are all wonderful relaxing tools for you.




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