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Horoscopes for week of 12 June 2017

June 10, 2017 at 11:06 AM



Dear Ram, you desire to actively create harmony and beauty within your home sector. With an eye for aesthetic appeal this week and you may want to combine the active force of Mars and the elegance of Venus, to incorporate Feng shui into your living room, or entire home. Wednesday brings us a grand trine in the heavens, which settles across groups, communications, and relationship sectors in your zodiac. This is an excellent time for communicating your true feelings to partners, because your mind and your heart are in unison. Public speaking is also favoured, as is promoting within groups that you belong to. Your ideas are big and your intentions are noble, which allows you to turn information into opportunity. You can thank the happy trio of the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter for this good fortune. Do however be aware not to compromise your own needs in order to keep the peace. Venus square the Moon might slow down your assertion when it comes to recognising self value.


Dear Bull, your upfront manner is a magnet to those around you this week, and this is because Mars is picking up a very creative angle to eloquent Venus, across your communication zone. This balances your male and female energies, and allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin, so that you are not afraid to communicate your thoughts in the most creative way. The grand trine that touches your sectors of profession, money and everyday life, brings to you an alert mind which helps you to flaunt your talents. Open the lines of communication in the work place and watch how your trade and negotiation skills can earn you Brownie points. Venus however does warn you to be aware of seeking approval from others or being blinded by false pretences. With a square from the Moon on Wednesday, you could give in too easily, without asking yourself what you really want. Once the Sun picks up and opposition from Saturn on Thursday, you could get quite down on yourself if this is not addressed from the get go.


Dear Twin, you roll into this week with a beautiful angle between Venus and Mars across your money zone that helps you to effortless draw good fortune to your coffers. There is also a grand trine just where you like it, across your areas of higher education, self and creativity. Perhaps it is time to come to an agreement with yourself about what it is that you wish to pursue in order to expand your mind. Write your thoughts down on paper, and do some mind mapping to help you come to a conclusion. The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter have got your back here, so go for gold. Later this week when the Sun in your personal zone, goes into opposition with Saturn the fortifier, you may want to knuckle down on the decisions that will facilitate the long term outcomes of this choice. Try not to be too hard on yourself though! By the start of the weekend, when the Moon conjuncts Neptune, your mind is released into dream state, and presents you with some noble and grand philosophies on which to ponder.


Dear Crab, Mars in your personal sector is creatively joining forces with Venus to help you radiate personal charm and enthusiasm. It’s easy to talk to others because your yin and yang energies are balanced. This also helps you work with the grand trine that touches areas of shared resources, the inner self, and home life, in your zodiac. You are able to open the lines of communication with a partner about financial affairs because your head and heart are finally in the same place on this matter, and you are tolerant and patient. Your feelings are easily articulated, without causing offence to the receiver of your words. Use your good problem solving abilities to talk through any issues of joint finances to achieve a creative solution. With Venus squaring the Moon later this week in your friendship arena, you could give in too easily to friends just so that you can keep the peace. It is better to say what is right, not what seems more amicable. You don’t want Saturn on Friday, when he opposes your Sun, to say I shouldn’t have. . . .


Dear Lion, there is still a wonderful psychological balance that is passed on from last week’s sextile between Mars and Venus. You are at a point this week where you can admit any mistakes that you have made and move on without feeling overwhelmed. It’s like a creative light that’s gone on in your subconscious. The grand trine of the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter touches areas of your zodiac that take care of your partners, friends and communication styles. This is an excellent time for group or partnership communications because your mind and your heart are in the same place. Social awareness may be a strong theme on display, as you are easily able to inspire others with humanitarian orientated words that can turn communications into workable resources. Keep things light and breezy in this arena though, because when the Sun picks up an opposition to Saturn on Thursday, you could find yourself becoming a tad overbearing, which will only bring restriction or delay to your good intentions.


Dear Maiden, you are quite the little organiser this week, as Mars draws creative energy from Venus in your friend zone and affords you the chance to charmingly arrange affairs for your friends or a group. There is also a grand trine that puts your heart into your work routine, free flow of communications into your professional arena, and stimulated opportunity for earning potential into your money sector. Yay, what a stroke of luck! It is so much easier to flaunt your talent now while you are radiating all this eloquence and capability, so get the lines of communication into gear, and you can thank the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter for this fortuitous gift later. When the Moon moves on to square Venus, you could feel pressurised into compromising your own philosophies in order to keep someone else happy. You will also want to be mindful of any external stimulants like alcohol, prescription drugs or chemicals over the weekend, when the Moon conjuncts Neptune, and reduces your resistance levels quite substantially.


Dear Scale Bearer, Venus and Mars connect favourably this week in your professional zone which brings you creative ideas concerning your long term goals. Your display of sensitivity coupled with passion, gets your peers noticing your natural efforts and business acumen in this area. The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all connect harmoniously and touch sections of your zodiac that regulate your creativity, higher learning and personal image. This is a perfect time to get down to business when it comes to expanding your horizons. Is there a creative avenue that needs to be addressed, which will stimulate your self confidence and bring you pleasure at the same time? Sit down with pen and paper and do some mind mapping that will bring you closer to seeing the big picture. Perhaps you could learn a new language? When the Moon squares Venus in your joint resources sector on Wednesday, do make sure that you decisively communicate your expectations, so that you are getting a fair deal and not just agreeing with a partner in order to win their approval. 


Dear Scorpion, you are the perfect listener this week as you readily lend an ear to everybody’s world view without pushing any of your own opinions. I guess you could put this down to the creative angle that Venus and Mars are making across your higher education zone, which has left you feeling comfortable enough with your personal beliefs, not to require anyone’s approval. This theme continues for you as the grand trine connects your home life, joint resource sector and subconscious. This leaves you with an astonishing ability to articulate your feelings regarding the joint household budget, without losing your rag. You are so tolerant of your partner’s opinions, and yet still manage to achieve creative solutions for each challenge that is placed before you. How do you do that? Even the Moon squaring Venus in your partnership zone is no match for your eloquence this week. Well done! By Sunday, the Sun picks up a Saturn opposition in the same area and allows you to apply caution and strategy whilst making the final cooperative decisions concerning the remake of your shared resources portfolio.


Dear Centaur, your mind is on the big issues this week as the grand trine between the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter connects you to partners and associates by means of your communication. You certainly have the gift of the gab and buckets of inspiration to share around. Your heart is focused on social awareness and you will be spreading the word to friends, partners and groups alike in your endeavour to generated humanitarian consciousness, which is an issue that resides close to your heart. This is what Sagittarius does best, so it should be a great week for you. On Wednesday the Moon squares Venus over your health sector, and here’s a word of advice, if you are going out for a meal with someone who is likely to override your menu selection in favour of their bizarre ideas for your culinary delight, you might want to politely decline. By tomorrow when the Sun is opposite Saturn in your partnership zone you will start to realise that you can’t live up to someone else’s standards, and there is no point in being hard on yourself. Just be you!


Dear Goat, it’s all about the money this week when the grand trine hits your three important money houses and allows you to communicate your worth in resourceful ways. The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are your allies, and as they connect, you take on an honest and open approach to all trade, negotiations and business communications. Your mind is especially alert and perceptive and your memory is sharp as a tack. If you’re smart you can use this time to give yourself a leg up in your industry without even exerting yourself very much. You are further advantaged by the Venus Mars sextile that gives you a warm and personable approach towards your business partners, which allows you to build lasting platforms. Straightforward and upfront are your mantra’s, and they are currently getting rave reviews! On the home front, you might want to take a long hard look at your tolerance levels when it comes to children or lovers on Wednesday, when Venus is squared by the Moon in your creativity zone. It’s never wise to overlook bad behaviour because you are over focused on maintaining the status quo.


Dear Water Bearer, you are looking at the world from the top down this week and seeing the big picture. This is thanks to the grand trine of the Moon, Mercury and jolly Jupiter, that is illuminating some extremely creative areas of your zodiac. Your mind may be lingering on ways in which to expand your outlook, or search for the deeper meaning of life. Maybe you have been considering a course of study, or a creative project of some kind? Wednesday brings Venus into a square with the Moon in your home and family sector that could see you floundering under the need for emotional security from a loved one. Be mindful not to allow yourself to be dominated you because you wish to stay in their good books. This will only bring disillusion later.  There is plenty of time for dreams on Friday, and when the Moon conjuncts Neptune in your personal zone, you could head down to the movies to watch some fantasy, or spend the day emerged in an art gallery.


Dear Fish, your week starts off on an inspired note, as the beautiful Mars and Venus energy lights up your creativity sector. With your male and female energies so well balanced, you are easily able to attract a love interest with your alluring self confidence and charm. Go out and have a whole lot of fun while you are so comfortable in your own skin. This is a real boon to the grand trine that lights up your areas of secret self, home and shared resources later this week. You will resourcefully use any help you get to smooth out communications with partners about money. You will probably find that you are able to articulate your words eloquently and help to creatively resolve any issues that may come up for discussion. Your tolerance levels are strong and you are able to allow others to speak their mind without jumping to conclusions. Good on you Pisces! Your reward will be to treat yourself to a massage or a meditation experience on Friday when the Moon caresses Neptune with her silvery light. 

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