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In touch with emotion

June 29, 2015 at 6:58 AM

Hello Friends Smile Happy Monday, and welcome to a brand new week of potential. I have chosen the lovely Renaissance Tarot to work with today, with it's marvellous allegories of a chivalrous world in times past.

CAM03108.jpgThis week sees you opening up, getting in touch with your emotions and inner voice, and showing the Universe that you have a desire for a deeper connection. (Ace of Cups) you are open to romance or establishing new bonds with someone.
As the week rolls on these feelings will expand into joy, as you feel emotionally safe and happy in your family or romantic environment. (10 of Cups) Perhaps you have realised that love's ideals are in fact attainable?
 Don't be afraid to share your love, there is much more coming your way, you definitely wont run out! Actually, the more you give, the more will be coming your way Cool


The end of the week sees you sitting in the drivers seat (The Chariot) as you practise staying on the right path. You have opened up your feelings, and now you are learning how to persevere along the road of life with your new skills tucked under your belt. The Chariot promises victory over anything that you are undertaking right now. It comes laden with diligent willpower and honest perseverance. Tap into these techniques this week to achieve your goals, but do not loose sight of your inner voice and feelings while you are forging ahead. They are tucked into your belt remember - very accessible.
Love and Light to you this week as you explore your feelings on a deeper level, and forge ahead to victory of the heart Kiss
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