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Passion and enthusiasm

February 02, 2015 at 8:31 AM

Good day lovely people Cool Today the cards want to talk to us about passion. The spirited Wands suit features predominantly in this layout, asking you how you are using your passion this week.
Is it in defence of your beliefs? (The 7 of Wands)

CAM02620.jpgIs it in strength, magnetism and leadership? (The King of Wands)

Or is it in the display of love and togetherness at a family celebration?(the 4 of Wands)
However this energy is working for you, the Wand suit asks you to work from your heart to convey the enthusiasm and creative nature that resides deep within.
This week calls for a celebration of life through creativity, passion, enterprise and initiative.
When this many Wands come up in a reading, it usually means that you are enthusiastic for action, up for adventure and impatient to experience excitement.



Be mindful however of being so enthusiastic that it turns into impetuousness, causing you to dart into something without giving it enough thought or planning.
The Wands suit is associated with the fire signs of the zodiac - Leo, Aries and Sagittarius - bringing vision, intention and a future outlook on life. - the shadow side could mean that you are taking on more than you can handle, and that is why the Rhodonite card is so welcomed in this spread, bringing in 'Patience', which is so very often forgotten when we are in a 'Wands frenzie'
If you are resonating to this energy today, perhaps it is prudent to keep a piece of Rhodonite in your pocket, to ground this energy and remind you to have patience. All good things will come in time - your intention is clearly passionate - so just keep on working this energy with a clear mind, and the victory is yours for the keeping <3

CAM02623.jpgLove and Light to you throughout this week as you resonate your passion through the filter of a focused demeanor <3
I am doing a special on emailed readings this week for $30.00 - this will include - where you are right now, what has been blocking you from moving forward, what you need to embrace for success, and many more enlightening questions, to lay a clear path for 2015
If you are Interested, choose the $30 emailed reading option on my store page Kiss

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