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Pet Astrology

March 15, 2017 at 1:15 PM


Yes I did put my smelly teddy under your bed, it seemed like a good place to keep it safe. Mars has entered my house of possessions, and I am feeling very protective about what’s mine. I particularly like the more feral and stinky things right now too, so if you notice me having a dig in the garden, what would be why.

Pet Astrology


Whoa!!! What’s that in the tree? Let me see if I can leap up and catch it. I just can’t seem to sit still for long this week. I have all this energy brimming through me, it’s making my tail twitch and I need to move. Could you please give me lots of fun things to do mum, and then I’ll behave better later.



I hear the wind in the trees, and I see the shadows dance across the wall . . . I might even have had a little shiver. There’s nothing much wrong with me, so don’t worry, I am just connected to the vibrations of the unseen. Lots of hugs and reassurance from you this week will make a big difference in keeping me grounded, so don’t hold back.



Oh the wonder of life! What can I do, where can we play? My friend radar is turned up high since Mars came to visit, and I just can’t seem to contain my enthusiasm. You better keep an eye on me this week because I will defy gravity in order to have a bit of social interaction, and that might not be a good thing!



I’m not trying to be mean to Molly and Fred, I just need to keep them in line. My instincts are in tune to the fact that I am the Alpha of this pack, and it’s because my blood is running high with Mars energy. If I forget my place you may have to gently control me so that I don’t offend my friends.


Intuitive Readings Auckland


So much to do and so many places to go. I hear the wind beckoning to me from afar and I am bristling to see what is behind the fence. I’ll need lots of exercise this week so that I am distracted from wondering off. Mars has injected a big dose of enthusiasm into my adventurous nature, and I am on a mission of discovery.



My instincts are fine tuned to my belongings this week and I fear that I may have become a little confrontational. It’s not like I am over possessive or anything, I just don’t want anybody near my stuff! Particular other animals. I think that I probably just need a bit of space to chill out in, and next week I should be back to my old self.



I’m going to sit here and stare at you until you notice me. That’s right, I said ME. You are the centre of the universe right now, and don’t you forget it. I’ll do whatever you say, but I need some of your attention. Please tell me I’m good and give me a pat, better still, let’s play a game together shall we.


Auckland Astrology Reader


Mars is igniting my service nature this week and I am bursting with vitality. Can I help you in the garden? I can dig. . . You might have to come up with some creative ideas to keep me busy at this time Mum, because I need to be involved in something physical. Perhaps we can play that game where you hide food and I search for it?



Drama, drama, drama. Mars is lighting up my creative instinct and I seem to have the energy of more than one animal. My self discipline is not so good right now which has made me a wee bit boisterous, so make sure that there is nothing delicate in my pathway that I might knock over in my enthusiasm for sport. I wouldn’t want to earn the reputation of a klutz!



My home is my castle this week and I will protect it with all I’ve got. Security is important to me right now, so don’t mistake it for aggression, I’m just guarding my space. I might need a gentle reminder that I can take a break from guard duty once in a while so that I can snuggle down with the family and really enjoy my household. 




If I am insistent and impatient for your attention this week, blame it on Mars, the planet of primal instinct that is energising my communicative nature. I am bursting at the seams to make my intentions known, and if it means trying to speak to you in your own language, then I might have to try. I’m sure you must have something fascinating that could keep me intrigued for a while? 

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