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Planetary Energies for week of June 19 2017

June 17, 2017 at 10:33 AM


Dear Ram, this week brings a huge emphasis on your home and family life as this area of your zodiac welcomes the return of Mercury on Thursday, as well as the beautiful new Moon in Cancer on Saturday. This should ramp up your imagination when it comes to doing any kind of work in the home or enjoying a lively conversation or two with loved ones or house guests. Set some intentions around the new Moon as to what you wish to build upon within your family arena over the next two weeks. With the Saturn opposition to your communication zone on Monday, you may find that verbalising your thoughts to siblings is more difficult than usual, and that may be an area to consider setting some intentions around at the time of the new Moon. You should also be aware of not exhausting yourself with unnecessary obligations when it comes to money, as Venus in your value centre is picking up an adjustment from Jupiter which could see you being over optimistic when it comes to what you can afford to spend.


Communication is the name of the game this week dear Bull, with so much happening in this sector of your zodiac. Mercury also moves into this house on Thursday for the first time in a year, and rejoices to be back home where he is most comfortable as you mingle and chat. This happens directly after he has taken an onslaught of hard reality from Saturn in your money sector at the beginning of the week, which could have seen you counting every penny. The mood is about to change though, as Mars picks up a tricky square with expansive Jupiter on Saturday in your communication zone, and gets you ready to engage in a verbal challenge. Be mindful that it doesn’t turn into an argument because even although you are feeling playful, you are over confident and have the capability of expressing yourself more than you normally would. There is a beautiful new Moon rising in the same area later in the day that helps you to set your intentions for the next fortnight.  


Dear Twin, Mercury has been having a field day in your personal sector for several weeks now, which has decreed you a quipster. Versatility in both body and mind have been your claim to fame, but this week, the old spoil sport Saturn steps in to bring a bit of self censoring into your world. This is just before Mercury exits this arena in favour of new territory, namely your money sector, where he joins Mars on Thursday, and awaits a wonderful new Moon in Cancer. Your money sector is in fact a hive of activity this week as Mars picks up a difficult angle with Jupiter that sees you exaggerating your spending abilities, which could work to your detriment further down the line. On Wednesday your ruler Mercury is set to meet the Sun head on, which is bound to get your head zinging as you get out and about to celebrate the Solstice in style. If you are in the South it is your longest night and vice versa if you are under Northern skies.  


Dear Crab, the week could start off as quite a drag because Mercury makes an opposition to Saturn and gets you nit picking over every mistake you have every made! Forget it, no one cares, it’s just old Saturn giving you the hard yards. Mercury soon breaks this angle and sets off into your personal zone for the first time in a year. There is a lot to look forward to for the next month as you become rather mercurial, and nimbly flit from conversation to conversation exhibiting an air of mischief. Venus gets you to do some adjusting on Tuesday when she picks up redirection energy from Jupiter in your friendship zone, that will remind you not to over extend yourself or take on other people’s responsibilities. Let them do their own dirty work, you have enough on your plate, with the new Moon, and a Mars Jupiter square both in your sign. You’ll have energy for Africa, but try to be careful, you could be accident prone.


Dear Lion, this week starts off with a Mercury Saturn opposition in your friendship zone, that sets you questioning yourself over what you did or didn’t say to a friend. Saturn has you second guessing your words, or perhaps even facing reality, but do not fear it’s probably nothing that you can’t fix. Luckily Mercury is a super fast mover, and by Thursday he is well and truly free from Saturn’s icy embrace and ready to take position in your psychological area for a month. I guess he wants to join the party, since Mars is there too, and so is the new Moon in Cancer on Saturday. Most of this month your mind will be focused on private matters that bring out a retiring mode of self expression, with less likelihood for indiscriminate conversation. Venus gets into a right tangle in your professional zone too, as she takes on awkward energy from Jupiter and asks you to beware of exhausting yourself with an unnecessary work load. Do you really have to take this on, or is someone else getting off scot free at your expense?


Oh dear sweet Maiden, Saturn has your nerves in a jangle this week as he points an accusatory finger across the heavens at Mercury in your professional zone. You could feel like your words are under a microscope, and the harder you try the more inarticulate you seem to sound. Perhaps you are being way too hard on yourself? Just go with the flow, this only lasts a few days and by Thursday, once Mercury has broken free, you will be able to enjoy a whole month of lively interaction with friends and groups when he enters your friendship zone. Mars is also in this part of your zodiac and is challengingly activated by Jupiter on the weekend. This finds you impulsively seeking to engage in exciting experiences with your compatriots. I get that you need freedom and space, but are you able to extend the same curtesy to those that you are in competition with? If not, perhaps it is a quality that you could nurture under the new Moon in this area on Saturday?


Dear Scale Bearer, I hear that congratulations are in order since Jupiter has finally stationed direct in your personal zone? It’s been a rough time, but now you are ready to soar like an eagle again. Not even strict Saturn can get you down this week when he opposes Mercury in your belief sector, and gives you a momentary reality check. Soon after this, Mercury is off to your professional zone where he has not been seen for a full year. You can look forward to a month of strong business communication, as you find that you are able to verbalise your strategies with confidence and authority. You haven’t been happier or more optimistic in a long while, but Venus warns you to set realistic limits and not allow yourself to be coerced into taking on someone else’s monetary responsibilities. Meanwhile, back in your professional zone, Mars picks up energy from Jupiter that boosts your confidence and vitality even more. This is great for business but do be mindful of being haughty or boastful, and reversing all your good efforts.


Dear Scorpion, you’ve got money on your mind as the week opens with Saturn going into a challenging aspect with Mercury in your resource sector. Perhaps you have been over spending, and now the chickens are coming home to roost? Whatever your financial concerns, Saturn is bound to exaggerate your guilt, so be aware of not being a victim to your own inner critic. This mind set soon leaves you, and by Thursday you will have reason to rejoice as Mercury enters a very adventurous and upbeat part of your zodiac. You could even fall prey to an impulsive flash when Mars, who is already in this zone, picks up a tricky angle to Jupiter on Saturday, playing on your insatiable desire for freedom and learning. I bet you have the travel brochure ready and waiting? You can use the cultivating energy of the new Moon over the weekend to hatch your plans, and by the full Moon in two weeks’ time, you might have even bought your tickets!


Dear Centaur, with Mercury getting the hard word from Saturn across the skies, and dispensing it into your partnership zone, there could be a bit of strain and miscommunication with spouses or business partners. Try to maintain an even temperament, as there is a real risk of resorting to sarcasm or negative speech at this time. Mercury soon shakes Saturn off and moves into a part of your zodiac that deals with other people’s resources, where he will be a neighbour to Mars for a month.  These two bedfellows activate this section of your life, giving you the ability to discuss and work through issues of shared resources with partners, that are long overdue for a good clean up. Do be mindful over the weekend though, when Mars gets a head on challenge from Jupiter, which affects this area, and passes on a devil may care attitude to you. You could be overestimating the power of your resources, or simply being extravagant with someone else’s, which may not go down too well!


Dear Goat, your week starts on a difficult note but soon turns the corner on Thursday when Mercury changes signs and enters your partnership zone for the first time in a year. Before that happens, you may experience some difficult thoughts concerning your daily routine or health. Mercury opposes Saturn in this area of your zodiac which gives you a very critical eye when it comes to running your day to day affairs, which includes your health regime. Don’t let this get you down, let it get you activated! Use it as an opportunity to set your affairs in order. There’s no time to waste because Mercury is on the move and headed straight for your relationship zone, where you will enjoy a whole month of clear communication with your other half, as you smooth out any rough edges, and make your needs known. There is also a trying angle between Venus and Jupiter in your pleasure zone on Tuesday that cautions you against taking on responsibility that belongs to a lover or a child. Allow others to take up their own cross, so that they can grow.


Dear Water Bearer, with Mercury in your pleasure zone, taking on a hard aspect from Saturn, there could be a dampener put on your fun. If you have been partying too hard, fair enough, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s really not as serious as it seems. Even so, this gloom doesn’t last, because Mercury is nimble, and by Thursday he shakes Saturn off as he proceeds to your health and routine sector for his annual visit. You will spend the next month thinking about, and communicating, themes of health and efficiency. Is it time to start that diet, or finally clean out those cupboards? Venus is still in your family sector this week and taking on Jupiter energy that requires you to think twice before accepting a family responsibility. This will only exhaust you, so steer clear. By the weekend you will find enough to keep you busy as Mars and the Moon activate your health zone and set you into a flurry of activity. The Jupiter square to Mars ramps up your stamina, but also your ego, so take care not to overdo things in the gymnasium.  


Dear Fish, is there trouble in paradise? With Mercury opposite Saturn in your home zone at the start of this week there could be a few strained conversations taking place within the family sector. Try to keep your head on, this energy soon passes, and by Thursday Mercury shimmies into your pleasure zone, so get ready for a full month of fun and games. Your thinking should become more than a bit creative, and you may have a taste for romance too. Wear your favourite party dress, and go wining and dining on Wednesday to celebrate the Solstice! Venus picks up a bit of a challenging aspect from Jupiter on Tuesday, and this plays out in your communication zone. Be mindful of not opening your mouth purely to change your feet, as this energy calls for you to make a verbal adjustment. You are likely to have an action packed weekend of pleasurable experiences with Mars and the Moon both active in your entertainment sector. Dancing, laughing, gambling and sports, all feature high on your to do list, but not necessarily in that order. Enjoy!

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