Strength from the past

April 06, 2015 at 8:56 AM

Hello Dear Ones, I hope you have had a fabulous Easter Weekend. The weather in Auckland has been such a blessing, and I have absolutely luxuriated in it Cool
I have drawn some cards this morning, with the "Tarot of the Cat People" deck, to see what energies are attached to this weekend for us.
From the left, we see what is in the past, and what is more appropriate than the 6 of cups, which always aids in taking us back on a nostalgic journey of reminiscence.CAM02831.jpg

Has this weekend done that for you? Have your thoughts dwelt of times gone by - perhaps innocence and playfulness, when life was simpler and the sun shone brighter?

Maybe you have been successful in reconciling feelings from the past?
The page of Wands is the middle card, and depicts your present situation. He comes to bring you a fresh message of confidence, allowing you to go in a new direction. Are you willing to take a chance with your new found insight? Can you make it work for you?
Use your child like exuberance to launch yourself into a new paradigm.
The Justice card assures you fairness and harmony in your outcome.
Objective thinking and communications are essential for you right now, they will restore the balance that you need to continue.

CAM02832.jpgTake responsibility, accept the truth and move on in a new direction that is more fitting to your current life.
The past serves us well to teach and help us to have epiphanies later when we mature, but it is not a vehicle to dwell on. Use you aha moment to make you strong and wise.

CAM02833.jpgLove and Light to you today friend, as you muster courage from 'yesterdays experiences' and weave it into your armour Kiss

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