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Weekly forecast for April 24 2017

April 25, 2017 at 12:09 PM




Dear Ram,

With Mars in your communication zone you are bound to be verbal with regards to any power struggles that are going on at your place of work. Now that Pluto is in retrograde through your career zone, there could be issues surfacing for your review that are related to control. At the same time you are feeling released from any psychological restraints that Saturn might have been subjecting you to, which makes you realise that if you sort any incongruent themes out now, things will move forward far more smoothly in the future. The stillness of the new Moon in Taurus on Wednesday will give you the opportunity to lay down some guidelines to help enhance your financial situation. This Moon will have passed by Venus just before she becomes one with the Sun, giving her a wonderfully feminine and receptive Yin energy. Soon after this, Venus marches forward into your personality zone, and endows you with a large dose of pioneering energy, that will stand you in good stead as you move forward with your plans.




Dear Bull,

With Mars in your money sector you are rearing to go and seem to have the energy of two people when it comes to earning. This can be a very resourceful time for you if you play your cards right. You might want to watch out for impulse buying though, it is not uncommon with Mars in this sector of ones zodiac. Pluto is slowly trudging backwards at the moment, bringing up any issues you may have with religion or philosophy. Has this topic been overbearing in your life recently, or have you been single minded concerning your own philosophies? These are themes for your consideration at the moment. The Taurus new Moon radiates into your personal space and draws attention to your own values, allowing you to make plans of improvement which will further enhance your earning potential. Venus is on the move and will enter a deeply psychological place in your zodiac on Saturday which may help to give you a bit more perspective when it comes to your own truths.



Dear Twin,

With Pluto retreating into your transformation zone, you are probably having a closer look at any manipulative behaviour that you have been experiencing, from others or within yourself. Whatever truths you are facing now, know that you are not alone because Mars has entered your personal sector and is giving you the power to stand your ground. You might feel as though you have heaps of energy at your immediate disposal, so be careful not to take advantage of this by becoming combative. It’s time to work through problems without being short tempered. Saturn has released the steely grip that you have been experiencing in your career zone which has been bringing you under scrutiny, and you are free to be your charming relaxed self again. The Moons influence on Venus as they move past each other on Wednesday leaves you feeling revitalised and positive. By Saturday you are ready to reconnect with friends and groups on a social level when Venus moves into your house of friends, putting Camaraderie high on your list of values for the next month as you make up for lost time and enjoy sharing common ground with likeminded people.



Dear Crab,

The asteroid Vesta is still hanging out in your sign and giving you confident independence, and now that Mars is in your psychological area, you can expect some reflection with regards to your life goals. This is a time when you would prefer to think things out for yourself without the interference of those who think that they are helping you. Your actions are unconscious so try to observe them and learn a thing or two about how you actually tick. With Pluto moving retrograde through your partnership arena, there are bound to be many considerations that come to mind regarding power balances in your current partnerships, but a Taurus new Moon on Wednesday will give you the chance to set the intention for your goals in a very practical way. As the week progresses, retrograding Mercury brushes up against Uranus and affords you an enlightened moment concerning your career or reputation, which adds intention to Venus who is going to be leaping into that sector on Saturday for more than a month, and brightening up your career prospects. 



Dear Lion,

Wow, what a week awaits you! You have Mars alive and well and setting your friend zone into action, as well as Venus moving into your travel arena. Your mind will be brimming with ideas this week but the best way to achieve any goals is to work as part of a team. Group effort is very important to you right now, as is reaching out to others on a humanitarian level. You had better keep a diary so that you can focus! You are excited by everything that expands your horizons physically and mentally, and planning an exotic get away may just be what you need to get your juices flowing again. There is a new Moon in your career arena on Wednesday that will help you to set down some practical plans with regards to your professional life, as you circumnavigate the power struggles that retrograding Pluto might have drenched up for your scrutiny. Once you have got your head around these, the world is your oyster!



Dear Maiden,

Saturn has had your partnership sector tied in knots lately but that is about to ease off, and once the Moon brushes up against Venus on Wednesday, you will be rendered a sweetness in this department that you may have all but forgotten. Mars is actively working for you in your career sector by stimulating your ambition and drive so that you can show what you are made of. Do be careful not to find yourself in conflict with any authority figures though, as you strive to be noticed or right. There is a wonderful new Moon in your travel zone and planning a well deserved trip might be right up your alley this week. Lay out a world map, blindfold yourself and toss a coin onto it. With Venus going into your sector of other people’s money, you may find that the funds appear out of the blue and afford you the opportunity for some exotic excursion of a life time. Whatever you do, do it well and enjoy it.



Dear Scale Bearer,

I wouldn’t like to brush up against you in an argument for the next month or two, you have Mars in a very expansive part of your zodiac that could gift you lethal persuasion, and a strong hunger for bold adventure. You may well need these gifts to deal with any household power issues that arise due to Pluto retrograding through your family zone. Venus has been under duress from Saturn on the work front, but this week sees you relaxing back into your own style of personal relating now that this challenging energy has moved on. Focusing on any partnerships in a one to one way is very appealing to you right now so that you can smooth out any rough edges that might have formed lately. Venus will be in this part of your zodiac until June, giving you grace to work through each issue individually. In the meantime, the new Moon on Wednesday, provides you with ample opportunity to start projects that will help you grow other people’s resources to form a winning outcome for yourself and them.



Dear Scorpion,

With Mars in a part of your zodiac that deals with shared resources you might find that you are aware of the subtleties of human interaction. This is a strategic time for recognising that no man in an island, and that you need to interact with those around you in order to get where you want to be. Pluto is doing a backwards trip through your communication zone and it is opportune for you to review your relationships with siblings or those in your immediate environment. Are there any power struggle issues that need your attention? How can you communicate with those involved to bring about a more balanced situation going forward? Perhaps it is time to realise that there are really some situations that are not within your control. With the fabulous Taurus new Moon in your partnership zone you will have ample opportunity to plant the seeds for practical progress in relationships and nurture them all the way to the full Moon when they will blossom and bring you your reward.



Dear Centaur,

No relationship work is too much for you at the moment with Mars in this sector urging you to tackle conflict head on. Use this energy to work cooperatively on any personal relationship problems that may raise their heads over the next two months. At the same time Pluto, the lord of the underworld is moving back over territory that has been covered and urging you to get to the bottom of your belief about money, and what you are worth. The time is right for you to conquer any fears that you may have about self sufficiency as you learn to trust in your own earning potential. The new Moon on Wednesday is a day to manifest vibrant health wishes that once nurtured, will reinforce your confidence so that you are able to extend yourself in service to others. The goddess of love is about to leap into your romance sector and spice things up for you for the next five weeks. More loving and appreciative relationships with your children may also feature quite strongly now as you feel the warmth and expressive charm of Venus in your life.



Dear Goat,

You have a magnetism now that very few are able to miss. With Pluto retrograding through your sign you will be reviewing many aspects of your personal appearance and purging that which is no longer needed. Any habits that no longer serve you are on the way out, as you overhaul your self image and strip away the veneer to show what is really on the inside.  Mars is helping you by providing the energy for work in your daily routine. It is time to take charge of your health and loose those extra pounds that have been creeping onto your hips. Be aware of your anger levels while Mars is here too, it is not uncommon to become bossy with co workers. Keep your mind busy with projects that you can manage yourself with little interference from others. By Saturday Venus will have moved into your family zone which will bring about a calming influence. This is a wonderful time to go through some old photos with your family, organise a Sunday lunch or spend time doing sentimental things around the house. 



Dear Water Bearer,

When Pluto started retrograding through your psychological sector last week the flood gates opened up for deep soul healing. The unconscious may rise up to the conscious mind now so that you can release any phobias and forgive yourself of any misdemeanours. Clearing your pallet in this way stands you in very good stead to work the self expressive energy that Mars is radiating in your pleasure zone. You are like a fire cracker at the moment, but be careful not to burn out with all this activity at your disposal. Passion abounds and it may be experienced in such areas as art, sport, children or romance. This theme is destined to double as Venus the goddess of relationships moves into a very communicative area of your zodiac that sees your connection with siblings become interactively companionable. You are extremely good at mediating conflicts because your diplomatic skills are ace, so use this time to smooth over any rough patches that may have been in your way in the past.



Dear Fish,

Venus is finally released from Saturn’s iron fist and breathes a sign of relief as she moves off to your money zone on Saturday. This is an area where she feels at home so be warned because there might be some deep diving into the pockets over the next month as she urges you to spoil and pamper yourself with luxuries. Enjoyment of the good things in life are important but you will also value the simple pleasures, like walking bare foot on the beach, or feeling the wind in your hair. Mars is giving you more energy on the home front to tackle projects or activities that you may have been sweeping under the rug. Perhaps you are also looking to secure your environment, so that you can protect your family. Watch your moods with this aspect of Mars, it can make for a bit of a home warrior. At the same time there may be a purging of the friend list taking place as Pluto gets you to sum up your personal connections and disregard the fickle for the more meaningful alliances. It is time to decide which circles really inspire and widen your perspective.

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