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Your Horoscope for the last week of May

May 19, 2017 at 3:26 PM


Dear Ram, the Moon goes about her business this week through your personal zone, illuminating Venus and then Pallas Athena, which has influence over your personal appearance and social awareness. You may feel relaxed doing some shopping for personal items like cosmetics or fashion at the start of the week, and by Tuesday you will be figuring out the best way to apply your purchases with creative wisdom, so as to improve your image. There is a good chance that you could spend money based on your emotions, so take care to remain as neutral as possible. A beautiful Gemini new Moon rises in your communication zone on Friday that calls upon you to plant seeds of intention around communication themes. Venus conjuncts Pallas Athena on Friday as well, and then the two of them go directly into a square with a Pluto, affording you the courage to deal with any overbearing relationship issues that you have been feeling powerless against. It’s best to talk them out and clean them up.


Dear Bull, the beginning of this week sees you taking a bit of time out to recharge your vitality and bring your emotions back into balance. The Moon conjuncts Venus in a part of your zodiac that asks you to reflect and consolidate your feelings, so that by Tuesday when the Moon conjuncts Pallas Athena, you once again feel courageous and wise enough to face the world. This wisdom that you get from Pallas stands you in good stead to work with Uranus, who is in the wing and ready to help you to facilitate an emotional change in direction later on Tuesday. Perhaps you needed to work out how to deal with hidden enemies that are making your life difficult? A wonderful Gemini new Moon in your money zone will give you the opportunity to look at new ways of communicating your worth to the world, so set your plans in motion on Friday and nurture this project up to the full Moon, when all your hard work will pay off.


Dear Twin, there is so much happening in your personal zone this week with the Gemini new moon lighting up an arena that is already accommodating Mars the assertive planet, and Ceres the goddess of the harvest. This new Moon in your sign brings you the opportunity to start a personal image project that will bring about positive change to your appearance. Maybe you can start that diet or get your hair coloured and styled? The Moon is also playing an integral part in highlighting your friendships sector, as it illuminates Venus and Pallas Athena earlier in the week, getting you out and about on the social front as you party with friends, and courageously defend those that are less assertive than yourself. You will need all the courage and creative wisdom that you can muster from Pallas Athena, because by Friday, when Venus conjuncts her, and the two gals pick up a challenge from possessive Pluto, you could be facing a relationship dilemma that tests the balance of your social harmony.


Dear Crab, your professional sector is illuminated this week as the Moon moves through it highlighting Venus, Pallas Athena and also the change bringing planet Uranus. You feel at peace and harmony in your place of work and that is because your heart is there, and you are also receiving some very beneficial creative wisdom from Pallas Athena that gives you the courage of your convictions and pattern recognition. This is a very good week for you if you are involved with business analysis or any type of job that requires you to understand cycles and trends. Later on Tuesday you are in the position to receive some intuitive understanding from Uranus as well, which will turn on the light bulb to resolve any unanswered questions that you have had regarding your work or your profession. There is a Gemini new Moon rising on Friday in a deep reaching part of your zodiac that deals with the Devine and the unseen world which affords you the opportunity to think about how you can enrich your spirituality.  


Dear Lion, as the Moon scuttles along on her journey through your religious zone this week she rubs shoulders with Venus, Pallas Athena and finally Uranus before moving into new territory. All this Moon illumination puts your instincts at ease with regards to your personal belief system and will also give you the creative wisdom to stand up for your faith in an ingenious and gracious manner, so that you are seen as a living example of the change that you wish to see in the world. Towards the end of the week there is a creative new Moon in Gemini which falls into your friendship sector, giving you the opportunity for new beginnings when it comes to communication with your friends. Perhaps there is one particular relationship that has broken down because of failure to communicate your own personal truths confidently, or understand someone else’s life situation? Pluto is going to be bringing you a challenge to work through concerning this theme that will gift this relationship with healing and transformation, so persevere.


Dear Maiden, this week the passing of the Moon highlights Venus, Pallas Athena and finally Uranus in your shared resources zone. How effectively are you working with other people’s assets? Resources or assets often mean money, and when the Moon conjuncts Venus in this house at the start to the week, you will need to be mindful that you are being a good steward of the money that you have been entrusted with. Pallas Athena will afford you the chance to see patterns that have formed around your dealings with these shared resources, and Uranus will give you the intuitive flash of understanding so that you have a fresh plan to follow going forward. There is also a new Moon in Gemini on Friday, bringing new beginnings to your communications on a professional level. Perhaps the shared resources are connected to your job? Whatever your situation, Pluto brings you a challenge that momentarily disrupts relationship harmony here, but once you have resolved this there is healing and transformation within your shared resource arena.


Dear Scale Bearer, what an auspicious week when it comes to your partnerships! You have the Moon on your side though, and as she scuttles through this sector of your zodiac she casts her silvery light onto Venus, Pallas Athena and Uranus, who come to assist you by revealing and resolving any flaws in this arena that need to be addressed. Your instincts are aroused and so are your strategies, and once the Moon conjuncts Uranus on Tuesday there may be an intuitive insight into all of this that heralds change. The Gemini new Moon will rise in your philosophy sector, affording you the opportunity to grow your faith and communicate your truth more successfully. This may well be aimed at those partners that you have been dealing with! By the weekend there is challenge coming your way when Pluto connects by means of an evocative square to Venus and Pallas Athena. There will be healing through this confrontation, so purge it out and rejuvenate your your relationship, so that you can continue with a clean slate and a new purpose.


Dear Scorpion, the Moon is moving through your health sector this week and as she does, she touches Venus, Pallas Athena and Uranus with her reflective light. Looking good and taking care of your diet and exercise regime are very important to you because your security is hinged on having a strong constitution so that you can cope well with the challenging daily routine of your life. Pallas Athena will help you to remember constructive patterns that can aid this endeavour and by Tuesday when the Moon highlights Uranus, there is an intuitive understanding of what is needed for your success. Act on your gut feelings! The new Moon in Gemini makes its appearance on Friday within your shared resources arena and brings opportunity for communicating new ideas concerning assets within partnerships. Your feedback or input could help to grow investments and spice up your own financial portfolio. With Mercury opposite Saturn by the end of this week, you will have all the seriousness of mind needed to focus on financial structures within your business partnerships.


Dear Centaur, it is best to keep your purse securely zipped up this week while the Moon traverses your entertainment zone and connects with Venus along the way. Even though emotional spending features high on your to do list,  you could still gain some creative insights into your spending or partying habits when Pallas Athena is also illuminated along this path. If wisdom is ignored, Uranus could well bring this out by means of a family dispute that reveals any imprudence on your part! There are new beginnings starting in your partnership zone and because it is a Gemini Moon, it will open the avenues of communication so that any misunderstandings are addressed and cleared. This is important, because at the same time Venus goes into a challenging square with Pluto, the planet of transformation and calls you to deal with issues of possession or entanglement within your romance and entertainment zone. By the end of the week this is done and dusted and your mind turns to more serious matters of health and everyday life.


Dear Goat, your week starts off with a sweet feeling of family bliss and a tender connection to loved ones, as Venus is illuminated by the soulful light of the Moon passing through the home zone of your zodiac. Pallas Athena also gets a lunar hit at the same time, which could draw your mind back to unconscious childhood patterns that have been buried deep within your psyche. Listen to gut feelings on Tuesday as the Moons reflective light caresses Uranus into action, giving you sharp intuitive flashes of understanding into any baffling family dilemmas. Anything that needs to be purged in this area of your life will come to the fore on Friday when Venus and Pallas get drawn into a square aspect to Pluto. The best way to deal with this situation is to get to the bottom of it and purge out any old and useless energy so that you can make space for healing and rejuvenation within family relationships. The Gemini new Moon around the same time, can assist you by opening the lines of communication in your everyday world.


Dear Water Bearer, you are a social butterfly this week aren’t you? The Moon is skipping through your communication zone and enlightening Venus, Pallas Athena and Uranus as she goes. You should have no problems talking up a storm and being connected to those that you care about deeply like your siblings. With Pallas being ignited you will have successful strategies of communication that could well see you getting any good bargains that you set your sights on. Commerce and trade are favoured highly on Tuesday as well as Uranus gives you the intuitive insights and gut feelings to help you acquire your booty. There is a Gemini new Moon rising in your house of creativity on Friday that will give you a leg up when it comes to promoting yourself. It could also spell out a new beginning for you on the romantic front! With Mercury picking up an opposition from Saturn in your home and family sector your thoughts may turn more serious towards the end of the week, as you contemplate or express your need for domestic security.


Dear Fish, your powers of attraction are stimulated this week as the Moon flies through a section of your zodiac that deals with money, possessions and how you make use out of what you have got. The first planet to get a lunar boost is Venus, who will prove to you just how good you are at practicing the power of attraction. Turn on the charm and watch what happens! Pallas Athena also gets a silvery kiss from the Moon and asks you to use your creative wisdom with regards to swinging fortune into your own direction. By Tuesday the Moon has almost completed her work here and when she illuminates Uranus, you will receive the intuitive download that shows you the way into the future with your ideas. There is also a magnificent Gemini new Moon that appears in your home and family zone, opening the lines of communication and affording you a new beginning with regards to any family relationships that need to be worked on. Awesome week Pisces, well done!

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