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Your next move

June 08, 2015 at 7:02 AM

Hello Dear Friends Smile Here we are again, Monday - and the start of a brand new adventure! Spirit has prompted me to speak to those of you today that have been looking for a new path to follow through the second half of 2015 - I have used the beautiful Golden Tarot, in the hope that some of the golden glow will fill your heart with fresh inspiration.

Megan White Intuitive ReadingsThe 4 of Swords is urging you to go into repose so that you can take stock of your objectives. If you have been part of a crazy spinning top of activities, now is your change to make time for yourself, and retreat into temporary solitude. Even if it is only for one day. Take that 'mental health day' that you so need, and contemplate your next move. It will do you the world of good. Everyone needs occasional Me time!

CAM03015.jpgTo back this up the 7 of Pentacles is asking you to evaluate the fruits of your labour thus far. Check your progress, and give yourself a huge pat on the back because we often don't do this. We tend to worry too much about what we have to do next, and totally forget to congratulate ourselves for our successes along the way. You are ready to make your next move, but it is very important to prepare the strategy, and make sure that you are on target. We cant plan when we are still in the thick of labour, so take your break, and clear your thoughts. Take pen and paper and do some mind mapping. Write a 'pro's and con's' list of your thoughts. I always find that putting things down on paper helps me to get my mind in order.
When you have gathered your thoughts, the Knight of Wands is ready to take you on your new adventure.


Borrow some of the courage and passion that he has to give - He is an adventurous and daring energy with much gusty for life. When the Knight of Wands appears in a spread you can expect vivacity, adventure and action, but remember to temper your energy and not allow it to run away with you.
Love and Light to you today, as you take that well earned break to prepare for the next compelling chapter of your life Kiss

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