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Crystal Healing

Crystals are the little friends that we can rely on in times of stress and need, when  working through life situations. They give off a subtle energy, engulfing and nuturing us through transition, and providing balance, enlightenment, or action when we need it.

Within their crystoline structures, lies the capacity to absorb and transmit light, which draws in universal energy and transmits it out, into the reciever. The receiver is you or I, or anyone who is open to receiving the healing energy that the crystal has to offer.

It is in the fact that we have the intent, to work with the crystal's energy, that will, when used correctly and mindfully,  release the power from that cyrstal, to manifest results.

Crystals, just like all other living things, have an orderly perfection within thier molecular blue print. When mindfully used, this cystaline blue print, forms a comparison for the human body to mimic. This gives the body a chance to translate the perfection of the crystal into the balance and harmony that is needed within it's own system.

When crystals are used in this way, they repair the energetic imbalances within the ethereal body. Crystal healing can be done on anything that has an energy field, ie) a person, an animal, a plant or even the enviroment. The energy vibrations from the crystal are used to re-align and direct the energy flow within your physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies, restoring health and wholeness.

 One of the most important ways that we use crystals, is for the balancing of our chakra's, because crystals and chakra's have a special relationship with each other. 

The word Chakra, comes from the Sanskrit language, and it means 'spinning wheel'. They are areas in our body that are spinning wheels of radiating energy, acting as a turnstile to move our life force, known to some as Chi, Qi or Prana, through the body.

There are many minor Chakra's throughout the body, but seven main areas, located from the base of the spine, to the top of the head, that have a large baring on how we feel and react.

Each one of these seven chakra's has it's own vibration and colour and is related to a certain type of energy, which affects our spiritual development in that area. These chakra's are sometimes put out of balance by events occuring in our lives, thoughts and feelings that we experience, or energies around us.

Crystals are used that have a similar vibrations to the specific chakra's that needs the healing. These are used to clear, balance, and energise the corresponding chakra, restoring their energy flow to normality.

In most cases, the colour of the crystal will be similar to the colour of the ailing chakra. The crystals can heal the chakra's through many methods, such as by meditated with them or holding them. You can also wear crystal jewellery, keep some crystals in your pocket, lay them out on your body, or set them up in a crystal grid.

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