The Chakra's

We have seven main Chakra's, or energy points in our body, starting at the base of the spine and working up towards the crown of the head.

The lower three deal with our material and human needs, and the upper four deal with our spiritual needs, and connections. 

Below is a brief description of the seven Chakra's, and some clues to help us identify when they are not working to their peak performance.

Root (Base ) Chakra 1st_Chakra.jpg

This is where our grounding, vitality, courage and passions lie, and where we are concerned for ourselves.

Colour - Red
Position - Perineum
Sanskrit name - Muladhara     

Crystals - Garnet, Smokey Quartz 

This Chakra is connected to the Earth, and where our material and survival needs live. It governs our basic instincts such as sex drive, physical safety, having a roof over our head and earning a living.

It is important to have a good balance in the Root, so that it can filter up into all the other chakra's, as the Root plays the part of a foundation.

Fear is the shadow side of the first Chakra, manifesting into the hoarding of energy caused by the lonely fight for survival and self protection. This prevents the natural flow into the Sacral Chakra, where it is needed for sharing into relationships.

Positive Root Chakra words and phrases -

Security, being rooted in the Earth, optimism with life, stability, trust and acceptance of others, self protection, healthy attitude towards your possesions, ambition, independence.

We know when our Root Chakra is balanced as we feel confident and lead a passion filled life of action.

Negative Root Chakra words and phrases -

Having no zest for life, not able to cope with things, afraid to release old ideas or possesions, feeling stuck, fear of the future, aversion to money, scared to act, fighting against the flow of life. 

The Sacral Chakra 


This is were our sexual energy, reproduction, emotional balance and sensuality lies, and where we merge into relationship with others.

Colour - Orange
Sanskrit Name -

Crystals - Carnelian, Moonstone, Amber, Orange Calcite

This Chakra is connected to creative and sexual energy. Energy has to flow and if it meets opposition, it builds up and demands release. Negative manifestations of this energy can surface in the form of anger turning to rage, sorrow turning to despair, concern becoming obsession. This is why this energy has to be used consciously in creative endevours and physical activity.

Denial of the healthy expression of this energy manifests in the form of addiction. Rather than trying to manage the addictions, one should rather try to clear the obstructions.

Sorrow is the shadow side of the second Chakra, and this is experienced when your energy is thrown away without wisdom or reason.

Positive Sacral Chakra words and phrases

Connectiveness with other people, creativity, sexuality and enjoyment of sex, desires, intimacy, vitality and engagement, expressiveness, passion, positive self immage, friendliness, sociability and openess.

Celebrate the energy of your life as it is sacred. You have the choice, you can either master it, or squander it.

Negative Sacral Chakra words and phrases

Seclution from others, sexual repression, devaluing yourself, feeling inadequate, shame or guilt, needing approval from others, addictions, cruelty, self abuse.

The Solar Plexus Chakra  3rd_Chakra.jpg

This is where our personal power, self esteem and clarity lies.

Colour - Yellow

Position - In the solar plexus area of the abdomen, digestive area
Sanskrit Name – Manipura

Crystals Citrine, Gold topaz, Amber, Tigers eye, Gold calcite

This Chakra is connected to the mental self, our attitudes related to our personality and self esteem are stored here. This is about personal power over the impulses of the basic self and the desires of the ego. Residing here are the challenges of self-disipline, duty, responsibility, focus, commitment and will.

This is also our intuitive centre, where we experience our 'gut' feelings.

The shadow side of the Solar Plexus Chakra is abuse of power.

Positive Solar Plexus Chakra words and phrases

Self motivation, confidence, will to pursue your dreams, healthy self image, having faith in your own power and abilities, composure, strong will and purpose, control and self-control.

This chakra helps us to wield our own power which will attract prosperity and balance, in turn making us happy and in control of our life. Our life gets disciplined, gets in order, we feel safe and secure.

Negative Solar Plexus Chakra words and phrases

Fear, indecision, being too passive, afraid to try new things, feelings of insecurity and powerlessness, low self esteem, excessive people pleasing.

The Heart Chakra 4th_Chakra.jpg 

This is where we feel love for ourselves, and for others. The Heart Chakra is the bridge that joins the chakra's of the lower-self, to the chakra's of the spirit-self.

Colour - Green
Position - Centre of the chest
Sanskrit name - Anahata
Crystals - Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rhodacrosite, Chrysoprase, Rhodonite

This chakra is associated with the ability to give and receive love, and to trust others and yourself. You cannot truely give love to others when you do not have the same love, forgiveness, and acceptance for yourself. It helps you to establish a feeling of belonging in society and in relationships.

Positive Heart Charkra words and phrases

Self acceptance, forgiveness, compassion for self and others, healing, love, intimacy, trust, healthy relationships

Negative Heart Chakra words and phrases

Being unable to let go of the past, not opening up through fear of hurt, self pity, feeling unloved and abandoned, inability to love one's self, fear of commitment, holding a grudge, hard heartedness, seeing the world from a cold place, victim mentality, fear of judegment, bitterness.


5th_Charka.jpgThe Throat Chakra 

This is where we express our creative side, and were we speak and hear our truth, from the inner voice.

Colour - light blue
Position - base of the neck, behind the throat
Sanskrit name - Vishuddha
Crystals - Blue Lace Agate, Larimar, Blue Calcite

This chakra gives us the ability to voice our dreams and speak our truth. When the throat chakra is working properly our center of communication is clear, kind and thruthful, and we are able to express our truth without worrying about what others may think. 

Holding tension in the Throat Chakra is often due to lack of support in the early years regarding self-expression and freedom of speech.

Positive Throat Chakra words and phrases 

communication, self expression, being able to verbalise your truth with confidence and calmness, expressing your skills and talents enthusiastically, listening to your inner voice, non judgementally listening to others, easily able to express emotions and fears, actioning your creativity with inspiration.

Negative Throat Chakra words and phrases

Not expressing your voice or opinion, feeling that you are not heard, blocked emotions, too shy, not being able to put your thoughts into words, finding it hard to have honest communication


6th_Chakra.jpgThe Brow (Third Eye) Chakra 

This is the gate to our intuition, it allows us to see beyond the physical. It is our 'inner screen'

Colour - Indigo
Position - Centre of the forehead, above the eyebrows
Sandrkrit name - Ajna
Crystals - Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Azurite

This sixth chakra is the centre of our insight and intuition - our spiritual vision centre, and is connected with our imagination, psychic abilities and dreams. When energy isn’t flowing easily through this chakra, we have a sense of self-doubt and distrust. When it’s open and clear, we feel deeply connected to our inner wisdom and trust that it guides us in our choices.

Positive Brow Chakra words and phrases

Being able to develop your intellectual skills, being able to visualise, trusting your intuition, accepting information from the inner voice, perception and clear thinking, concentration

Negative Brow Chakra words and phrases

Confusion, inability to focus, over analytical, not regarding the spiritual side of life, lack of self-awareness, being nervous or on edge, closed mindedness, stuck in a rut of old thought

7th_Chakra.jpgThe Crown Chakra  

This is our connection to the Divine, and our link to knowledge from other realms, through the universe.


Colour - Violet / White
Position - On the top of the head
Sanskrit name - Sahaswara
Crystals - Amethyst, Ametrine, Clear Quartz,

The Crown chakra energises your spiritual growth, and helps you to realise your full potential, so that you can feel at one with the world.

Through this chakra, we connect to higher consciousness and pure awareness. The Crown chakra is known as the “Thousand Petaled Lotus,” bursting open with enlightenment and reminding us of our true nature.

The health and balance of the seventh chakra is dependent on the condition of the other six chakra's.

The best way to energise the Crown chakra is to spend quiet time alone in meditation, or connecing to your higher-self, and asking for guidance. Your answer may come immediately, or later in the form of an 'aha' moment.


Positive Crown Chakra words and phrases

Selflessness, awareness, spirituality, unity with all, peacefulness, lovingly fulfilling your purpose

Negative Crown Chakra words and phrases

No life purpose, low faith, resistance to spiritual growth, aimlessness, no concern for your fellow man, egotism



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