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How accurate are Tarot readings?  tarot-unicorn.jpg

Most tarot readings are accurate, but there is always the possibility of misinterpretation. I always let my clients know that if they do not like the outcome that the cards are revealing, they are able to change it. You are the master of  your own vesel, and the only person who can claim 100% accuracy for your life is you. I would avoid readers who make you feel otherwise.

Do i ever not have an answer?

Sometimes, the answer is not available at that time for a reason, but we will always discuss it, and I will give you as much support around your question that I can.

When someone has suffered, it can leave you feeling as though positive future potential is out of reach. We do have to trust and have faith though.


Can anyone develop their intuition

Absolutely - it just takes lots and lots of practice, and meditation. If you don't use it, you loose it. Anyone can learn the meanings of the cards, but you need to develop your intuition so that you can tune into the energy during the reading. 

Are readings bad or evil ?

The short answer to this question is no -

My explanation is that some people have built in fears of Tarot, Astrology and similar Esoteric practises because they have heard negative information through the media or maybe through their religious connections. There may be some negative readers out there, but the Tarot cards themselves are only 78 pieces of paper, with pictures on them.

People who come for readings are seeking to find some direction or clarity in their lives, and most readers are doing this job because they desire to help others. There is nothing bad or evil in that.



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