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People from all walks of life share the same curiosity about finding meaning and purpose in their lives. Even if we do not actually recognise it consciously, the subconscious knows all the secrets, and it reaches out, trying to tell us in the form of dreams, intuition, and our innermost desires.

Until we allow ourselves to live according our core purpose, our lives may feel unconnected, like peices that are missing out of a puzzle. We may know deep down that there is something here on Earth that we are meant to be doing, but do not know what that is.


For many centuries humans have sought to understand the personality through common denominators that can be studied. These observations and experiments have sort to prove that the universe and our psychies, are not random, but have a certain pattern and order.

Pythagoras was the father of numerology, and a mathematician, being one of the first to found geometry. He taught that the number, is at the base of all things, he also taught that the human soul is immortal, and spoke of cycles, patterns and waves of energy that existed long before the dawn of humanity, and of how our life paths reflect greater and eternal laws. He also discovered relationships between mind and matter, where before, no such order had appeared to exist.

A numerology reading shows you what you have come into this world to experience and learn, in order to futher refine the soul work that you need to complete in order to become whole.


Numerology is an ancient method of working out your birth path number, soul path number and many other numbers, based on your date of birth, and also on the letters in your names.

Once these numbers have been calculated for you, it is very easy to give a detailed run down of personality traits, likely carreers, idiosyncrosies, and many other facts surrounding your personality. It gives you the opportunity to channel your positive energies, and your negative ones, and make them work for you in the best possible way. We all have the potential to live in the light or in our shadow side, and it is up to us, sometimes with a bit of help, to recognise this situation and make it turn to our advantage.

This is what a Numerology reading does, and I find that it is especially helpful coupled with a Tarot reading.


When I do a  numerology reading for you, I will ask you for your date of birth, and your full name, as shown on your birth certificate. It is with this detail that I work out your birth number, life path number and destiny number. Once this is established, we will enter into an  interesting conversation concerning various aspects of  your personality and those around you , that may have a good bearing on your future.

Please understand that none of the readings I do are in any way contrary to one another, if anything, these back each other up marvelously, and assist me in reaching an even deaper level of reading.

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