How to calculate the numerology personal year that you are in (or going into)

Your personal year is the year that you are going into at the beginning of each new year. This will give you an idea of the circumstances that will colour your experiences that year. This will change for you at the beginning of January, and last right through until the end of December of that year.

The way to calculate what personal year you are going into is to add your day of birth, plus your month of birth to the current year that you are in, or going into.

For example - If you are born on the 14th of August, and you are going into 2014 - you would add the numbers together like this: 1+4+8+2+0+1+4=20 which is 2+0=2 therefore, you are in, or going into a 2 year.

Read the meanings of the personal years below, to see what they might mean for you.

The One personal year

This is a new beginning for you, a fresh start to the next nine year cycle. It denotes endings as well as beginnings, and changes in general.

This can often mean a new home, relationship, job or career. It can also mean a new lease on life and a new way of looking at things mentally or emotionally.

There is usually quite a lot of activity in a one year, so it is important to stay positive and look after yourself while you are manifesting the changes that are going to accompany you over the next nine years.

The Two personal year

This year sees you slowing down to be more receptive and sensitive to emotions. It is a year of slow growth, where you have to be patient, and be ready to develop close relationships. It is a very good year for a love relationship to start up, as you will feel tender and romantic.

Be gentle with yourself and others, you may be called upon to mediate and be diplomatic in situations involving family or close friends.

The Three personal year

Wow !! What a roller coaster ride this year is going to be. Social activity and fun are definately the theme in your life for the next year. Your self expression will be hightened, and there is opportunity for artistic endevour - it is going to be a very creative year for you.

Your luck will be in as well, and it will be fuelled by your enthusiasm and excitement - so, play that lotto!!

One word of warning though - don't scatter your energies in too many directions, and remember to get enough sleep.

The Four personal year

The four year is time for hard work and organisation. This is the time when it is very important for you to cross your T's and dot your I's. You will have the opportunity to commit yourself to your goals, and even if you feel frustrated and slowed down, just stick with it, because it is a very important year.

A four year is a very good time for buying and selling real estate, or for building and renovating. Everything to do with building and stability will be the theme for you this year, because it is a year that stabilises your future plans - so persevere !

The Five personal year

A five personal year is a time for progress and change, with a lot of personal freedom. There will be fun, travel and adventure, and you will feel released from the drudgery of the four year that you have just passed through. Free as a bird - describes a five year very well.

Take the opportunities that come your way this year. Challenge yourself and take risks, because there will be unexpected events unfolding onto your path.

One word of warning for you in a five year would be to watch out for inconsistency or irresponsibility. Try to think things through logically before you jump in boots and all.

The Six personal year

A six year is all about harmony and love. It is a time time for personal growth and taking responsibility in the family, community or in your relationship. Domesticity is the name of the game for you right now, with family obligations abounding.

A six year can mean finding love, and it can also mean ending a relationship. A lot of break ups happen in a six year.

This year sees you advancing on the financial front and having career opportunities. You will have plenty of opportunity to shine in your work place.

The Seven personal year

A seven year is far less social and busy. It is a time for rest and contemplation, spiritual growth and psychic development. You will require plenty of time out to read and study, and you will also be very aware of your diet and health during this year.

There will be a lot of inner development during a seven year, and knowledge will be made known to you that might previously have been unavailable. A seven year is likened to a Sunday, the seventh day of the week, and a day of rest. So, soak it up while you can.

The Eight personal year

The eight year is known as the Karmic year, because all the deeds that you have done in the previous seven years, come to the fore, to be weighed and judged. Will you reap the rewards, or will you go through challenges?

Dodgey people always get caught out in an eight year, when the pigeons come home to roost, as the scales of justice come into balance in the department of money, business and love  - so be honest, hard working, and sincere.

It is better to use your success to help others, and not allow illusion to cloud your vision concerning the correct use of power.

The Nine personal year

The nine year is a year for taking stock of your situation and seeing what you want to throw out and what you want to take with you for the next cycle. It is a year of change, and often the ending of an era. "Out with the old and in with the new", will be your battle cry. This could be refering to relationships, friends, jobs or anything personal.

A nine year can be quite emotional, there can be a variety of family issues, or issues where you will have to act as a humanitarian. Make the most out of opportunities to be creative and artistic at this time, because some the best artistic work comes to those who are travelling through a nine year.

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