Eight - The Eight Life Path

has come in to learn lessons associated with the control of abundance and power. When working the eight life path you may notice that you either strive for or avoid power, authority, money, recogintion and control. Your challenge is to take these things and use them in service to other people, and not persue them with selfish intentions.

When an eight life path is working their energy in the positive, they share their blessings generously and wisely without concern or abuse. When working the eight energy to the negative, you may find that you have a preoccupation with money and status issues, and may also sabotage yourself in these areas. Eights make the best philanthropists, but also the best passive-aggressives.

How does an eight life path overcome negative manifestation

Be aware of the many blessings that you have in your life right now and share some of them with others

Think about your real feelings on wealth, power and status, and then take responsibility for any abundance or lack of abundance in your life



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