Four - The Four Life Path

has come in to learn stability and procedure. When the four life path realises that following a process builds stability, they will be able to achieve any goal.

When a four life path is manifesting in the positive they prepare well and follow a step by step process patiently, with balance and logic. When they are manifesting in the negative they want it all now, and skip the necessary steps that stabalise a project, displaying confusion, over ambition and impatience.

Fours need to ground their energies to prevent themselves from chopping and changing too quickly in jobs, relationships and other situations. If they are committed rather than hasty, they will find that there is a big reward at the end of the rainbow. Once a taste of responsibility comes to the four life path, they usually thrive on it, because it is the stability that they need but sometimes try to avoid.

How does a four life path overcome negative manifestation

Break your big goals or problems down into small steps and tackle one at a time, and then tick them off your list

Whatever you decide to do, do it well, and with the correct preparation. Committ to your task and follow it through to the end.

Use your gut feelings when you make decisions



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