ONE - The One Life Path

has come in to express creativity and confidence, and when they are on the right path they can generate creative work in any field that they set their minds to. But. . be aware that the One demands expression and movement otherwise the energy will manifest in the worst way, as insecurities and addictions.

In the positive however, One's make the best creative artists. If you have been born to manifest creativity and confidence in the world, you have to first experience it flowing through yourself. Overcoming what we are here to experience, does not come easy to us, and One's have to be aware of their tremendous energy build up that needs to be channelled in a creative direction to avoid the outward explosion of negative manifestations.

How does a One life path overcome negative manifestation

Exercise daily, this is very important to a One life path, as it moves trapped energy and combats addictions.

Express yourself through hobbies and work

Serving others offers a lot of inspiration to this life path.

See your insecurities as a challenge and overcome them one by one



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