Six, the Six Life Path

has come in to learn how to accept that there is perfection in imperfection. The six life path has such high ideals in their vision of beauty and purity, that it is sometimes very hard for them to see the higher perfection in everyone and everything.

When they are working towards vision and accceptance in the positive, they are forgiving and patient, seeing the bigger picture in life and accepting themselves and others without falling into the trap of perfectionism. However, when working the six life path in the negative, they tend to be hypercritical judges of self and others, loosing themselves in petty details. Sixes make the best judges, but also the worste perfectionists.

How does a six life path overcome negative manifestation

Always remember the words "I am or this is" good enough.

Allow your vision for the future "you" to inspire you, but enjoy the here and now

Learn to make the best situation out of whatever happens, and accept your response, no matter what. It is not what you do that counts it is who you are.




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