Three - The Three Life Path

has come in to bring constructive emotional expression into the world. When acting in the positve, the three life path shares their feelings and ideas in a direct and honest way that uplifts others, by communicating with inspiration, sensitivity and joy.  When they are acting in the negative they cut down rather than lift up, by displaying traits of depression, disapointment, self doubt and complaint. Three's make the best orators, but can also make the best manic-depressives.

The lucky three's are humorous, expressive and multi-talented. They are a lot of fun and never really grow up. They are very gifted with words and love to talk, and talk, and talk. They are natural counsellors who attract patients.

How does a three life path overcome negative manifestation

When you are faced with self-doubt, face it head on, take a deep breath, and move through it.

Find an opportunity to explore self expression like dancing, art, or take a course in public speaking

Continually ask yourself "what am I feeling, and what are my needs right now" - and then express your feelings and needs in a direct but positive way.

Learn to be emotionally honest, and express your feelings in words.



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