Two - The Two Life Path

has come in to be a source of strength and support to others in the way of cooperation and service. Two's have to find out where their  boundaries are when it comes to service because they tend to overcommit themselves and can become resentful or resistant. They need to guard against over serving.

When working their energy to the positive, the Two's make the best diplomats, but when in the negative they tend towards codependancy. The challenge for the Two life path is to balance their sense of responsibility towards others with their own needs. Sometimes the best way to serve another person, is to resist the temptation of helping them so that they can learn to discover their own strengths and responsibility.

How does a Two life path overcome negative manifestation

Learn when to say yes, and how to say no

Be flexible and let go of things that are not your responsibility

Meditate and relax each day

Understand the difference between helping someone, and becoming their servant



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