Seven - The Seven Life Path,

has come in to learn trust and openness of the wisdom inside of themselves, so that they can openly share it with others. When the seven life path is working their energy in the positive, they trust themselves and others enough to open their hearts by taking emotional risks and sharing their feelings. When working in the negative this is quite the opposite, as they may isolate themselves, be paranoid, and have untrusting feelings of others. Seven's make the best scholars, but also the best paranoids.

The seven life path, is the deep thinking truth seeker, that asks the big questions. They have a huge affinity with nature and are very good judges of character.

How does a seven life path overcome negative manifestation

Learn to trust your own instincts and intuition, understanding that you are the best authority on your own body and your life.

Try to take little risks with sharing what is in your heart with others

When you have questions, ask yourself " what if I  knew" and see what comes to you



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