Clear Quartz Tumble stones


Clear Quartz (minimum purchase $15.00)

Clear quartz of any shape and size is very useful because it magnifies and increases the harmony of all energies, resonating at a level that you individually need. It brings coherence and harmony to the body and can be used to direct energy from one position to another in the body. For ongoing personal energy, carry Clear Quartz as a tumblestone or touch as needed for an instant lift.


$1.50 per stone

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Rose Quartz tumble stones


Rose Quartz (minimum purchase $15.00)

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. Its pink color signifies its meaning. It speaks of ‘love’ in every form. It enhances transcendental love, self-esteem, passionate and romantic love, family love, friendship and universal love. Its high energy intensifies love in all  relationships. Overall, this gemstone brings optimism in love and happiness to the wearer, through stimulating the heart chakra.

$1.50 each


Chrysoprase tumble stones


Chrysoprase (minimum purchase $15.00)

Chrysoprase helps you to value yourself, and to recognise small acomplishments that you have made along the way. It is very useful for alleviating pain and abuse from the past, allowing you to look back, resolving and forgiving past hurts from others, and also yourself.

It is a strong throat and heart chakra stimulator, and also activates the solor-plexus chakra, which is where your will is situated. It works to blend your personal will, with the will of the heart.


Small pieces are $1.50 each (about 3 grams)

Large pieces are $5.00 each (about 10grams)

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Citrine tumble stones


Citrine (minimum purchase $15.00)


Citrine is a stone that awakens creativity by working on the Sacral Chakra, (under the naval)

It also stimulates the Brow Charkra enhancing the power of creative manifestation. That is why it is called the Abundance stone. People keep it in their tills and cash boxes, along with some of the other abundance manifesting stones to create financial prosperity.

It promotes creative abundance in many fields though, not just financial. It's beautiful yellow light brings joy and clarity of thought to the owner.

$1.50 per piece

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Lapis Lazuli tumble & flat stones


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis has always been know as a stone of royalty because it was used to decorate the Pharaoh's tombs in ancient Egypt, and is often attractive to people who have had past lives in Egypt.

It is a stone of inner truth, and visionery awareness, which takes you on a journey of awakening by stimulating the Brow Chakra to develop intuition and access to spiritual guidance.

It also has an activating effect on the Throat Chakra, helping you to discern and speak the truth.

30 gram flat stone $20.00 each

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Aventurine tumble & flat stones


Aventurine (minimum purchase $15.00)

Aventurine is a stone that helps you put the best foot forward in a new situation. It gives you the courage and optimisim that you need when you start a new job, or move, or make changes that might be a bit daunting to you.

It also helps you to embrace lifes changes smoothly - like aging, illness, changes in the family dynamics etc. It is also known as a stone of good luck, and can be used along with other abundance stones like Citrine for example, to create abundance in a certain area. (good to have in the pocket when you buy your lotto ticket !)


Flat stones are $5.00 each (about 30grams)

tumble stones are $1.50 each (about 10grams)

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Hematite tumble stones


Hematite (minimum purchase $15.00)

Hematite is the most effective stone for grounding into the physical world. It helps you to see things more practically, alleviating spaciness and confusion that might be going on in your head.

It helps you to bring your dreams and visions into reality and to recognise which ones are real and which ones are fantasy.

Hematite is also very useful for timid women, giving them confidence to speak up for themselves.

$1.50 each (about 10grams)

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Fire Agate tumble & flat stones


Fire Agate (minimum purchase $15.00)

Fire Agate stimulates the lower Chakra's (Base and sakral) and fills you with a zest for living in your body. It triggers your creativity, sexuality and will, allowing you to fully grasp the reality of the senses connected to experiencing your physical body.

It is a stone of creativity and expression. When you keep one of these near you will embrace the physical world and take joy in all of your life.

Ranges between $1.50 for a tumbled stone and $5.00 for a flat stone.

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Honey Calcite tumble stones


Honey Calcite (minimum purchase $15.00)

Honey Calcite activates the root chakra, solar plexus and third eye, harmonising their energies into one that keeps you mentally clear, on task and focused on long term projects. Keep it near when you need to overcome drowziness and stay alert when working long hours.

It keeps your attention on your challenge and also prevents you stressing about it at the same time. It is also a very grounding stone.


$2.50 each

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Golden Calcite tumble stones


Golden Calcite (minimum purchase $15.00)

Golden Calcite is an excellent stone for meditating with, it gets your mental planes to function on a physical level, which grounds you mentally and makes your mind alert. Place it on your navel or crown chakra's to achieve this result.



$3.00 each

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Moonstone tumble stones


Moonstone Tumble stones (minimum purchase $15.00)

Traditionally, Moonstone has always been used to enhance psychic and clairvoyant abilities because it makes the unconscious, become conscious, and hightens intuition.

It is a stone of new beginnings, strongly associated with the moon, and the cycles of the moon, calming the emotions so that you reflect on the fact that everything in life is part of a cycle.

Can be used to calm hyperactive children and is used to aid problems of the menstrual cycle in women because it is known to balance the hormonal system.

small pieces $2.50

large pieces $5.00

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Malachite tumble stones









Tigers Eye Tumble Stones









Pyrite Tumble Stones


Jasper - flat and pyramids


Calcite - Raw


Malachite tumble stones (minimum purchase $15.00)

Malachite is a very strong protection stone, absorbing negative energy and pollutants from the atmosphere and from your body. It is very useful to keep around the house if you live near any kind of radiation source or where there is electromagnetic pollution of any kind.

On a spiritual level, when you meditate with Malachite it will show you what is getting in the way of your spiritual path, drawing out your deepest feelings, and the psychosomatic causes of them, to break down unuseful patterns of behaviour.

Place it on your solar plexus to release old negative experiences and suppressed feelings, so that new insights can be made available to you going forward.

On a physical level Malachite is very useful for cramps, including menstrual cramps, and it also supports child birth. It has long been known as the 'midwifes stone'.


$7.50 each

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Tigers Eye Tumble Stones (minimum purchase $15.00)

Tigers Eye is a stone of protection and good luck. It attracts wealth in business, especially when used in conjunction with Citrine, Carnelian and Dendritic Agate. (good combo in your till or cash box !)

It is long known as a protective talisman, and was traditionally carried to guard against ill wishes and curses. Tigers Eye focuses the mind, and helps you to resolve problems objectively, without getting emotionally drawn into them. You will also feel encouraged to have good self worth, as it allows you to recognise your own talents, which a lot of us neglect to do. 

With Tigers Eye, you will be able to manifest your thoughts into reality, and stay grounded at the same time, as it is a stone of practicality.

Tigers Eye is used mostly for Solar Plexus Chakra work, and it comes in Golden, Red and Blue.

Large $7.50 each 

Small $3.00 each

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Pyrite Tumble Stones (minimum purchase $15.00)

Pyrite is also known as fools gold. It is a very protective and shielding stone, which you can carry as an amulet to ward off harm and danger. This is especially helpful to you when you are away from home. It shields against all forms of negativity, and carries a masculine vibration which enhances your determination to get a job done. It helps you to manifest your highest hopes.

Pyrite helps all those who perform, such as sales people, actors, athletes and entertainers, to overcome fears.

$7.50 each

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Jasper Flat Stones and Pyramids

Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It supports through times of stress and illness by re-energising the body, and bringing tranquility and wholeness to both body and mind. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy, balancing yin and yang, and  clearing electromagnetic pollution, including radiation. It encourages honesty with one's self, providing courage to assertively tackle problems. Aids quick-thinking and promotes organisational abilities. Jasper stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action. Prolongs sexual pleasure.

It stimulates the Base Chakra

$15.00 Each 

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Raw Calcite

Calcite is used in energy healing and spiritual work as a cleansing, energizing healing stone. It can be used by professional healers, but it is also beneficial for anyone interested in the calming, spiritual connection created by this gemstone. Use Calcite to expand awareness, or simply for peace of mind.

It also has a powerful impact on the mind, dissolving old patterns of thought, to make way for new information. It promotes emotional intelligence, connecting the intellect with feelings and emotions. It has a calming effect, useful for creative pursuits, while also energizing the mind. Use calcite when studying, to stimulate memory and to make it easier to process information.

$5.00 each

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