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A 3 Card Reading
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A 3 card reading with the Golden Tarot Deck
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A 3 card reading for Anzac weekend
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What is tarot?

The Tarot card deck is made up of 78 pictorial cards. These consist of 22 Major Arcana, (Trumps), and 4 suits of 14 Minor Arcana, (Pip cards), which are similar to normal playing cards.

Tarot cards have been used through the ages for a variety of different reasons, amongst which are: Creative visualisation, meditation, problem solving, card games, self improvement, divination and fortune telling.

Some people collect Tarot cards for the simple joy of appreciating the beautiful artwork on the many hundreds of card decks that are available today.

There is a very interesting and intriguing history to Tarot, of which no one really knows the precise truth. There has been mention of Gypsies, Egyptians, Arabians, Atlantians - but the most credible thoughts are that Tarot originated in the 15th Century Italian courts.

Why are there so many types of Tarot decks and which one do I use?
There are many different themes, ranging from Vampires to Kittens, and just about everything inbetween -  that have been used by artists to create their own Tarot decks which mean something to them symbolically. There are literally hundreds available.

Personally, although I own at least 20 decks myself, and have read with all of them,I prefer to read with the simple Rider Waite deck. I find this one closest to the stream, and feel comfortable using it, as it is the most practical deck to interpret to my clients.

How Tarot works...

Every Tarot reader has his or her own understanding of how the Tarot Cards work for them. For me personally, when I read the Tarot, I link in psychically with my Spirit Guides, and with the collective unconscious of the world around us. The symbols and images on the cards shimmer and come to life for me, impressing gut feelings, emotions and information on me.

According to Jung, the collective unconscious is a repository for all of humanity's shared emotion and an understanding that melds us all together on a psychic level. When this place is accessed, the Psychic will find the myths, legends and historical associations needed to understand the human condition.

tarot wisdom

Why have a tarot reading?

When you are at a crossroad, and not sure which direction to take, you sometimes need a bit of guidance in making your decision.

A Tarot reading can give you some clarity, by allowing you to consider,the symbolic and archetypal images that arise, according


to what may be on your mind.

Many people seek the aid of a Tarot reading to guide them in relationship issues, questions concerning their career, money, or life path choices.

My clients walk away having gained insight into their concerns, and feeling as though the stress has been relieved, as they have been able to confidentially discuss the situation with a non-judgemental and practical listener.

What you can expect when  you come for a reading

When you arrive, we will spend a few minutes getting acquainted. I may then chat to you about what you are wanting to look at in your reading. You don't have to be in a crisis to come for a reading, it is ok to want to just have a look at whatever comes up.

I usually do a 10 card spread in the shape of the Celtic Cross, and we discuss the cards one by one - between ourselves, delving into their archetypes and what their symbols may mean to you in your particular situation. There are often links between the cards, exposing definite themes

Need a tarot reading? Give me a call. . . .

If you're interested in an intuitive Tarot reading, I would love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give me a call or an email -

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